Malta's only Fibre connected 4G network

Not all 4G networks are created equal. Only GO's 4G network is fibre connected. A 4G fibre connected network gets you a reliable internet connection on your mobile device faster than ever before.

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Enjoy 4G speeds on probably the most valuable top up bundle in the market

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Why choose GO's 100% fibre connected 4G LTE Network?

Superfast & Fibre connected

Surf, stream, download and upload without delay. Shorten your "waiting time" by more than 80%. Fibre connected 4G pushes the speed limits.


Even more reliable

Browse and even video chat without cutoffs. GO's fibre infrastructure and 4G network built using Nokia's ultramodern equipment provide you with truly stable connection.  


No bill shock

To see how much data you've got left just send an SMS to 16415 (free). Are you on our Pay Monthly plan? We've got you covered with a warning SMS whenever you spend €10 and/or reach your plan's limit. 


How much faster is 4G?

How fast can you GO?

4G gives you reliability.

Gone are the days spent waiting for your video or even a picture to load. Soon, this will only be a long forgotten memory. 

With GO's 100% fibre connected 4G, your music will load 10x faster and an image upload in just a second.


How to set up your phone on 4G?

Are you on a Limitless monthly plan or a Pay as You GO plan with an active data bundle? Great news. You're going to get an automatic upgrade to 4G network for free. Just switch to or enable 4G/LTE in the settings on your device. For more details read relevant FAQs here.
In case your mobile device isn't 4G-ready, consider upgrading to some of the available 4G-ready ones. All 4G-ready devices are marked with a prominent purple sticker in our device catalog

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