Let’s talk about Easy buy TV

10 November 2020


by Sophie Vella

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Have you heard about our new Easy Buy TV scheme? We’ve teamed up with some amazing local outlets to provide you with an easy solution to getting a brand new TV!

Let’s go through some questions that have been asked about Easy Buy TV:

How is Easy Buy TV different to just walking into a shop and buying a TV?

Easy Buy TV presents you with the option to pay off a brand new TV in monthly instalments. This means that if you can’t afford a brand new TV right away, you can opt for this option to pay it off in monthly instalments over a 24 month period with 0% interest.

How does Easy Buy TV work?

To get Easy Buy TV, you need to order/renew your Mix & Match Home Pack with at least 1 TV Pass, and then choose your coupon value. You can get a coupon of up to €720 without incurring any additional interest. Once we activate your Home Pack, you will then receive your Easy Buy TV coupon via email. All you need to do then is just visit a selected outlet from our partners list and you’ll have a brand new TV!

What do I need to order to be eligible for Easy Buy TV?

Easy buy TV is being offered to GO TV customers on Mix & Match Home Pack with 1 TV pass.  If you are a new customer  you can easily subscribe by visiting our Mix & Match Home Pack page, select at least 1 screen, 1 TV Pass, choose the 24-month price guarantee option and your desired coupon value.

Do I need to buy an Android Smart TV to watch GO TV?

Easy Buy TV is available on various brands and models of both Android and non-Android Smart TVs. Ideally, we recommend that you choose to purchase an Android Smart TV so that you can easily download the GO TV app on your device.

Which TV brands can I purchase with the Easy Buy TV Coupon?

The Easy Buy TV Coupon can be redeemed from a range of television brands/models being offered by our various Easy Buy TV partners.

When will I receive the Easy Buy TV Coupon?

The Easy Buy TV Coupon will be sent to you on the email address you provided in the form once your Home Pack service has been activated.

From where can I redeem the Easy Buy TV Coupon?

You can redeem your Easy Buy TV Coupon from any of our Easy Buy TV partners upon presentation of your identification document. This coupon is only valid on a one-time basis per customer.

How can I benefit from the Easy Buy TV special offer?

You can benefit from the special offer which is a free Easy Buy TV activation (worth €25) when you choose an Android TV set. In this case, you will get the offer if you do not choose to take a free GO TV set-top box or Chromecast device.

Does the Easy Buy TV Coupon have an expiry date?

Yes, the Easy Buy TV Coupon has a redemption period of 4 months. The specific expiry date would be stated on the coupon itself once you receive it via email.

I am an existing GO customer. What can I do to benefit from Easy Buy TV?

You can subscribe to Easy Buy TV by signing a new Home Pack agreement or renewing your existing Mix & Match Home Pack. All you need to do is fill out the form, choose at least 1 TV Pass and we’ll get it sorted for you once we give you a call.