Trade in your used phone for a new one!

06 January 2021


by Sophie Vella

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Ok so we all have that mysterious drawer lying around in our home. You know the one- full of scattered batteries, takeaway business cards and low and behold, the old or emergency back-up phone. This forgotten phone sits idly waiting to be switched on now and again whenever we need a lifeline however it would prefer a new home where it will definitely be used. We have the solution for your lonely phone!

With our new trade in mobile scheme, you can get at least €50 in your hands by trading in your old Smartphone for a new one at any one of our GO outlets. Want to know roughly how much you’d get back for your smartphone? Visit our Servify portal and follow the instructions for an indication of the cost and condition of your phone. This will save you time before visiting any one of our GO outlets.

Once you visit one of our GO outlets and trade in your old smartphone, you’ll be able to choose a new phone from our selection of devices that can be paid in monthly instalments with 0% interest with our Easy Buy mobile scheme. For example, at the moment, you can get your hands on the iPhone 12 and save up to €249 by getting up to €180 Easy Buy Discount with an additional €69 discount.

Once you choose your new smartphone from our vast selection of devices, you will then be required to choose your monthly mobile Freedom plan starting from €12.99/month. You’ll start off by choosing your mobile data depending on your average monthly usage, and if you want you can add unlimited minutes and SMS to EU and UK numbers to your plan.

Once you order your new mobile and mobile plan, we’ll also give you a FREE 3 month TV offer! You will benefit from 3 free months of Movies & Series or Entertainment Pass with our GO TV along with up to 12 months of free local and Italian channels with any Freedom mobile plan- amazing right?

Visit our Freedom mobile plans and trade in pages to find out more.