23rd June, 2020

Flexible working is increasingly reliant on mobile data. Our new, unlimited mobile plans can help you meet your growing data demands head-on.

Over the past few years, organisations everywhere have embraced new, flexible ways of working to improve productivity, cater to today’s digital-first customers, and boost their bottom line. But to stay flexible, you need the right solutions in place – including the right mobile plan for everyone in your team.

And as the coronavirus crisis continues, this need for greater flexibility has grown. Our work – and home – lives have seen some dramatic shifts. We’re all adapting to remote working, personal lives and work have collided, and new challenges are creating new demands from customers and staff alike.

We wanted to do our part to help people and the businesses they work for stay flexible. That’s why we recently launched new mobile plans that can help your business get the agility it needs.

Here are three ways our Infinity Mobile plans can help you and your business stay responsive.

Create your own plan

Every employee is unique – and so are their needs. So a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach means many team members won’t get what they need.

For instance, while those in non-client-facing roles likely won’t need unlimited minutes, they may still need a lot of data. For these employees, a data-only plan could be the perfect fit – and with our choice of 5GB, 15GB, 35GB or Unlimited data, you can make sure every employees’ plan meets their specific data requirements.

For employees who travel a lot, who are client facing, or who work collaboratively, we also offer an Infinity Voice add-on. It provides unlimited voice calls – both locally, and to the UK and EU – as well as 200 worldwide minutes and SMS messages. So you can give your people the flexibility they need to stay connected.

Tailoring plans for individuals doesn’t just provide them with the agility they need to adjust to new ways of working. It can also help reduce costs. After all, having one plan for every employee means you could be paying for minutes or data that go unused.

Get unlimited calls and SMS

Remote working has helped many businesses weather the disruption caused by coronavirus. However, there’s no doubt that new remote working tools and policies can add complexity to our working lives. When you add data caps to the mix, it’s just another layer of complexity you and your employees need to manage.

That’s exactly why we provide a business plan offering unlimited data, as well as unlimited calls and SMS messages. As part of our Infinity Voice add-on, you can choose who will benefit most from unlimited calls, and deliver it as part of their individual plan. And with uncapped minutes and texts, you won’t have to worry about excess charges or the impact of lengthy phone calls – giving you flexible connectivity, value for money and one less thing for you and your people to worry about.

Don’t compromise on connectivity

Reliable, stable connectivity is vital to business operations, both during the current crisis and beyond it. Many businesses may think they get this reliable connectivity with their current mobile provider. But looking closely at the contract fine print can tell a very different story.

Some mobile carriers may intentionally limit data speeds to avoid overloading their network infrastructure. This process, known as ‘throttling’, can happen throughout the day, or only during peak times. But when it does happen, it can have a significant impact on data-heavy services like video conferencing, or media streaming.

At GO Business, we think digital services should be available to everyone. That means your connectivity should never be compromised. We aim to be totally transparent about our services, so with our plans what you see is truly what you get.

How can we help you?

The COVID crisis has accelerated the need for organisations to embrace flexible connectivity.

Our flexible, transparent mobile plans are here to help, offering the 24/7 mobility, and tailored individual plans that can help you adapt to your challenges today – and tomorrow.

You can learn more about our Infinity Mobile plans here.