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Why IoT?

Smart devices, machinery and computers are an integral part of your business. These objects carry a lot of critically precious information for your business, which you might have been losing along the way. But that has now changed, thanks to machine to machine (or m2m) technology.

As requirements step up and devices become smarter, machine to machine possibilities allow businesses to connect these devices, giving users access to information that matters through real time information. In today’s world where anything can talk to everything, m2m keeps communication flowing by continuously delivering data around the clock to anywhere around the world so business leaders can make the right decisions. With m2m a new business model is born.

Why GO?

With four decades’ worth of experience in delivering communication solutions and as a pioneer in the local telecoms service industry, GO is working with partners to be able to offer a complete ecosystem of tailor made solutions for your m2m business requirements in a diverse choice of vertical markets. There are already thousands of m2m connections that are being powered by GO’s state of the art mobile broadband network, which is further supported by an impressive portfolio of worldwide roaming partners.

Our agility to cater for your business needs, our business professionals that are willing to sit with you during the planning phase and our extremely competitive m2m package rates, position us as the best enablers for fast and effective solutions for both your local and international m2m requirements. M2M technology is helping businesses re-tune their operations to improve their market response and GO is paving the way for you to benefit from such greater business opportunities. GO is ready to help you to bring m2m solutions to live, gain new competitive advantage and build a smarter, connected business. Welcome to m2m.GO

m2m Benefits to Various Industries

Machine and devices will remotely monitor statuses, diagnose problems and initiate solutions, all in real time and without human intervention. This is a game changer that will transform your business operations and help you actuate your innovative ideas in the Internet of Things (IoT) world.

Transport Systems

  •  New efficiencies and cost savings in fleet management
  •  Remote vehicle diagnostics
  •  Intelligent vehicle / asset tracking
  •  Insurance telematics
  •  Connected car solutions
  •  Vehicle after-market and servicing diagnostics

Medical and Healthcare

  •  Patients’ emergency notification systems (e.g. blood pressures, heart rate monitors, advanced monitoring implants)
  •  Specialised sensors on living creatures
  •  Treatment management

Energy Management

  •  Smart metering systems
  •  Effective balancing of power generation
  •  Remotely control devices
  •  Remote lighting, heating and cooling systems management

Building & Home Automation

  •  Connected home
  •  Heating management
  •  Air conditioning remote management
  •  Intelligent ventilation
  •  Intelligent lighting systems
  •  Connected elevators
  •  Tank telemetry

Industrial Applications

  •  Connected vending machines for real time stocking requirements, ambient temperature monitoring, machine out of order warnings
  •  Real time supply chain optimization
  •  Predictive maintenance
  •  Optimized plant safety and efficiency

Environmental Monitoring

  •  Atmospheric conditions
  •  Soil / terrain conditions
  •  Earthquake / Tsunami warning systems
  •  Water quality monitoring
  •  Smart traffic management to improve road safety and alleviate congestion

GO m2m Partner Programme

Whether you are a Value Added reseller (such as an application developer or an application integrator), or a Device value added reseller that specialises in the manufacturing or distribution of m2m devices, we would like to hear from you. In partnering with us and becoming a certified GO m2m partner you will join a network of entrepreneurs who are aspiring to be part of the Internet of Things business. Whether your main focus is local (mainly in Malta) or anywhere around the world, talk to us today and we will help you with the right tariffs and solutions to take your business plan to the next level.

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