Smart Building Solutions

With the continuous drive to become more resource efficient and reduce our impact on the environment, IoT solutions are increasingly finding their way in various applications across our cities.

Through our nationwide network infrastructure and connectivity services, GO can help you in achieving these goals through innovative IoT solutions enabling local councils and state agencies to monitor, analyse and optimise the provision of various community services.

Environment Monitoring
Smart Lighting
Smart Parking
Smart Waste Management
Environment Monitoring

The quality of the air around us has a direct bearing on the quality of our life. That is why monitoring of air quality and emission levels is important for cities to be able to be alerted when limits are exceeded and take corrective action. Within buildings monitoring and control of temperature, Co2 and humidity levels leads to better working and social environments especially in these trying times. In addition monitoring of these parameters can lead to better utilisation of air-conditioning and airflow systems thus reducing electricity consumption.

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