If you need a guaranteed service that connects your offices across the world, then look no further. Our international connectivity services promise full path diversity and the maximum resiliency.

We understand how important it is for you to share data internationally – whether that's via video conferences, inter-working or other means. As the only local providers to own and operate two international links with mainland Europe, via two different service providers, you can rest assured that your international connection is both safe and of the highest quality. 

Through us, your business can be given access to an exclusive data transport route between our two locations with specified bandwidth. As the country's leading internet service providers, we operate a number of STM4 and STM16 interfaces to three different POP sites in Europe, ensuring that bandwidth to and from Malta is not an issue.

Thanks to our direct agreements with international peerings partners, we can offer low latency to all the major internet exchanges in Europe, with only one hop between the first European POP sites and the main internet exchanges in Europe.

Our links are fully managed and operated by our team of engineers and technical staff on a round-the-clock basis. Plus, our extensive experience in IP bandwidth and routing enables you to rely on us as the ideal partner to ensure the maximum benefit from international peering arrangements – and giving you all the benefits and assurances you'd expect from international connectivity of this kind.

For more information on this, or to talk directly to one of our team members, kindly contact us now.