A network that meets your business needs – GO's Metro Ethernet

Our Site-to-Site services help to reduce costs and achieve your business goals.

With the safest, largest and fastest infrastructure on the island, our proliferated fibre network promises both high resiliency and high bandwidth capacity.  Using versatile WAN technology, high bandwidth and a leading class of service capabilities, it is secure, reliable and pleasingly familiar. 

Consolidate your data centre and IT infrastructure

Our Ethernet service provides voice, video, data and internet access in an integrated manner that gives you all the benefits of a single network. In fact, by unifying your organisation's existing LANs you will make best use of your legacy communications, achieve optimum performance across the WAN and drive efficiency. 


Ethernet Private Line Service

EVPL is a comprehensive connection for your business – bridging your data via LANs and remote sites through point-to-point connections. 

This top quality service bypasses the need for dedicated ports, modules and interface devises. It provides lightening speeds of between 10-Mbps and 1GB, supporting large file transfers, encouraging collaboration and enabling data sharing. It also supports multiple Ethernet Virtual Connections to various locations.




Metro Ethernet LAN

If your business requires multipoint-to-multipoint connectivity, then this is the service for you.

This cutting-edge service allows subscribers to be grouped by department, user type or application, quickly enhancing network efficiency, user group performance and data privacy. Its structure manages load balancing and bandwidth application, and is available at speeds of between 10Mbps and 1Gbps.



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