Helping you run your business

Is your company planning to outsource its co-location, cloud and hosting services? Why not come to us?

As leaders in the telecommunications industry in Malta, we are wholly committed to providing business services that will help your company to be more efficient and more secure – which is exactly why we've invested heavily in both our data centre and cloud services. 

In this respect, we work closely with BMIT Ltd, a subsidiary of GO that is now established as Malta's leading data centre and a leading European provider of data centre services for specialised industries such as online gaming.

Our close collaboration ensures that you receive a seamless offering for any data centre, cloud or managed services that might be required.

We understand just how important it is to keep your online presence safe and secure.

To help with this, BMIT's ISO 27001 and PCI DSS certified data centres assure you of complete peace of mind - no matter your business requirements - complemented by a flexible and personalised range of services that includes:

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