While Abroad: Top Tips

Have a look at our top tips while you are enjoying your well-deserved holiday!

  • Connecting to a network when abroad is super easy. Once you've arrived, switch your device on and go to the ‘Settings' section. Check that it is on ‘automatic network selection'.

You could also choose to manually select your preferred network. If you're not sure how to do this, read through the manual that came with your device. 
  • If you forgot to check the charges of your calls, SMS and mobile internet while abroad, don't worry! You can find out in a number of ways.
Call +35679222146 (freephone from EU countries, normal rates apply from non-EU countries) from your mobile and follow the voice prompts. You can also find the information here.
  • If you're on Pay As You GO, you can check your balance by sending a blank SMS to 1232. You'll quickly receive a reply. You can also top up when you travel, or sign up to Auto Top Up so you'll never find yourself out of credit when you need it most!