Fixed Voice

GO Fixed Reference Interconnection Offer

If you are a new operator in Malta providing voice services and you want to offer your clients a variety of supplementary services, it will benefit you to interconnect with our fixed network. This will also enable you to connect to other local or foreign networks.

Our infrastructure enables other operators to terminate and/or transit local and/or international end customer voice calls through our robust and reliable TDM voice network connectivity and provides also access to Connectionless Services.

Through interconnection your customers will also be able to access the national Emergency Services, as well as our Freephone Services, Directory Enquiry Services, and Hosted Premium Rate Services.

Main Body of IC Agreement
Non-Disclosure Agreement
Billing Payment
O&M Manual

Service Schedules
Service Level
Network Plan
Technical Manual
Price List


Wholesale Line Rental

If you want to enter the Maltese fixed voice market, we have a solution that will give you the tools to do so in a timely and cost effective way and with minimal investment.  

Our Wholesale Line Rental Service enables eligible operators to offer a single bill for line rental and career pre-selection voice calls, for both PSTN and ISDN services.

These services are delivered over our ubiquitous access network and state-of-the-art switching network, with us remaining responsible for the provisioning of the service as well as operations and fault clearances.


Wholesale  Line Rental Offer


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