GO Connect Pets Tracker

GO Connect Pets GPS/GSM tracker is a device which allows the pet owner to monitor the location of his/her pet at all times through the mobile application. Moreover, the device is perfectly safe to use and weighs only 28g.


Special device price with Home Pack and Freedom plans with 2-year contract
Retail price: €79.99
Monthly tariff price
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Get the MyKi Pet app and link it with
the GO Connect Pets.
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Why it's great

Real-time location
Know where your pet is
at all times.
Always in control
Long battery life,
splash and dust resistant.
Guaranteed peace of mind
No need to shout anymore. Train your
dog to respond to the sounds.

What's in the box

USB cable for charging
User guide
Warranty card

Frequently Asked Questions
Is GO Connect Pets waterproof?
It is NOT waterproof. It is made to resist mud, dust, light splashes of water, but should not be immersed in water. It is splash resistant only if the caps of the charging slot and the SIM card slot are secured tightly in place.
Can I monitor my pet's activity during the day?
Yes, you can! Just leave the device on, and your pet's activity will be automatically recorded.
Can the same device be monitored from two or more mobile phones?
Yes, this is possible if you share your app's account username and password with someone you trust.
How much does the GO Connect Pets weigh?
The device weighs only 28 grams, making it suitable for both small and large pets.
What is the range of operation?
The GO Connect Pets works over any range and has no distance limitation. You will be able to know where your pet is, anywhere you are!