MRO in partnership with GO 

‘GO for the future' has partnered with the Malta Robotics Olympiad (MRO), for the next edition which will take place at the MFCC in Ta' Qali on 7 and 8 April 2017. The MRO offers students of various ages hands-on workshops, simulations, educational talks and the opportunity to take part in the biggest robotics and technology competitions in Malta. The MRO is also open to the public, showcasing the latest developments in science and technology and providing entertainment including drone racing and robot challenges. 

As the leading robotics event in Malta, which draws thousands of excited and engaged children, and their families, ‘GO for the future' firmly believes that the MRO is playing a very important role in making young people passionate about science and technology. It is this passion which GO is committed to supporting and nurturing all the way through to adulthood.

The Big Challenge 

Through ‘GO for the future' we are also investing in events like The Big Challenge which help young Maltese develop the skills they will need to build successful careers and businesses in the future.

As a separate event taking place within the Malta Robotics Olympiad (MRO), The Big Challenge brings out the best in students with a passion for robotics. This challenge sees teams from various public and private educational establishments competing to build autonomous robots which then tackle a challenging obstacle course in front of the public attending the MRO.

Robots will play an ever greater role in our everyday lives and this high level competition proves that Malta can play a central role in the exciting industries that will develop in this sector. GO is investing in providing Malta with the infrastructure it needs for a world in which robots connected to the internet both at home and at work are commonplace. 

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