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About us

GO is Malta’s leading communications services company. As the first quad-play provider in Malta, GO provides mobile, fixed line, internet and TV services to more than 500,000 customers. GO also provides unrivalled services to the Maltese business community, including cloud services, roaming hub services, data networking solutions, business IP services, managed and colocation facilities.

GO plc has a rich history of growth through the acquisition of emergent companies in near core market segments. Its current portfolio includes examples such as:


BMIT Ltd. is the largest multi-site data centre provider in Malta, with a local cloud platform and managed services.  It is also one of the leading companies of its kind in Europe.

Cablenet Ltd.

Cablenet Ltd. is the only independent alternative telecommunications provider in Cyprus offering broadband, fixed telephony and television services through its wholly owned cable infrastructure.

Kinetix IT Solutions Ltd.

Kinetix IT Solutions Ltd. specialises in the design, implementation, support and optimization of ICT solutions for the corporate sector.

GO Ventures has been set up to build on that experience.   The approach of GO Ventures is however different, in that it is a tech startup fund that takes an angel investment approach.   It focuses on investment in companies and ideas that are in an earlier stage of development, providing support in return for a minority shareholding level that is agreed upon by all parties.   Aside from financing, GO Ventures aims to bring GO’s corporate knowledge, facilities and connections to support startups.


Investment Committee

The GO Ventures tech startup fund is administered by an investment committee that evaluates all proposals put forward by the executive team.  This committee will appraise the financial, technological and strategic aspects of each project to determine whether they fit into GO Ventures’ investment plans and, on this basis, determine whether to approve the investment.


Executive team

The GO Ventures executive team is tasked with sourcing candidates for investment. It carries out the initial due diligence and analysis of all potential investments and negotiates terms with startups.


The executive team is made up of:

Stefan Briffa

Stefan has been involved in the telecommunications business for 23 years. He handles regulatory, competition and policy and public affairs activities for GO. His academic background is in business studies and EU public policy. For many years he was a visiting lecturer at the University of Malta, where he delivered post-graduate and undergraduate courses on business policies and practices in the EU.   During 2018, he was tasked with leading GO’s efforts in the setting up of GO Ventures.  In this role, he was a speaker at Zest Delta Edition 2018 and is a mentor at MITA’s YouStartIt accelerator programme.


Paul Grech

Paul joined GO in 2000 as part of its finance team and since then has gained experience working in both the commercial as well as strategic arms of the company.  Currently, Paul leads GO’s strategic planning and insights team.   His expertise lies in financial analysis and assessment of strategic viability of proposals.

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