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  • Reliable internet straight out of the box, with no installation required and instant connectivityReliable internet straight out of the box, with no installation required and instant connectivity
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Benefits of Plug'n'GO

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Plug it anywhere

Whether you’re in your home office, your summer residence or on a boat, go online instantly.

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Instant connection!

Enjoy Same Day Internet without the need for installation, anywhere.

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No cables needed

Powered by 4.5G, you’ll get a stable internet connection without any technical installation.

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Up to 800GB

Choose between the 400GB & 800 GB monthly data bundles.

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Great internet speed

35Mbps download & 15Mbps upload speed over 4G/LTE network, so that your YouTube clip loads in approx. 2 seconds.

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Who is eligible to receive the Digital Connect voucher?

The Digital Connect Scheme provides 12 months of free home internet to citizens who had their application accepted by the respective entities. More information can be found at

Who can apply for the 12 months FREE Home Internet?

If you have received your acceptance letter and the Digital Connect government voucher, you may apply for the 12 months of FREE Home Internet.

On which products can I redeem the Digital Connect voucher?

You can choose between Mix & Match Home Pack and Plug’n’GO internet. A charge of €25/month will be deducted from your total monthly bill for a duration of 12 months.

Can I apply for any add-ons with my Home Pack when redeeming the Digital Connect voucher?

Yes, you can choose any add-ons you want. The €25 monthly discount for 12 months will be applied to your bill and you will only be billed for the additional selected add-ons.

If I already have an internet connection at home, can I still apply for the Digital Connect voucher?

Yes, this voucher can be redeemed on any existing internet connection by subscribing to either a new Home Pack or Plug’N’GO internet with GO. Send the account owner’s mobile number and a photo/copy of their ID card together with your mobile number and a photo/copy of your ID card to

Are there any other offers available when applying for the Digital Connect voucher?

When subscribing to a Home Pack, you will benefit from free installation and free use of our GO modem. In addition, if you subscribe to a Home Pack with Internet and TV, you will also be entitled to our Movies and Series TV Pass for the duration of the contract, completely free of charge.

How does Plug'n'GO work?

Plug’n’GO uses a Smart Hub modem which connects directly to the GO 4G network, meaning that you get solid, reliable internet straight out of the box, without needing a technician to install it for you – all you need is a power source!

When is the one-time activation fee of €75 applicable?

The one-time activation fee of €75 is applicable when you subscribe to Plug’n’GO and have opted for the no commitment option. The one-time activation fee is split in two;

  1. €25: This is a one-time activation fee which is non-refundable.
  2. €50: We understand that your requirements may change over time. Should you decide to switch to another GO Internet service on a 2-year subscription or need to terminate the service, we will provide you with a €50 refund by not later than 1 year following the subscription date of the service.