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  • Get up to 60Mbps upload speed for €1.99/monthGet up to 60Mbps upload speed for €1.99/month
  • Better video streaming, calls & moreBetter video streaming, calls & more
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Available with GO Fibre internet.
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How can I double my upload speed?

Want to improve your overall performance? Double your upload speed for just €1.99/month!


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Add Double Upload Speed to your existing package
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Get Double Upload Speed with new GO internet
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How it works

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How higher upload speeds will help

If you are a remote worker, professional business owner, a gamer, streamer or content creator, we’ve got a solution that will make your day-to-day online activities easier and more efficient. Besides the fast, seamless internet connection we provide, we are aware that if we had to double your upload speed, we’d make your life easier. Say goodbye to those hours waiting for your high resolution image to upload to a shared Google Drive with a client or lags during YouTube uploads!

Photo and video uploads
Do you use file sharing services? If you upload photos and videos onto webpages or send media to clients, having the best upload speed is crucial. By doubling your internet upload speed, you will ensure a quick and smooth experience.


Can I get double upload speeds on any internet connection?

The double upload speed add-on is available for all Fibre Internet packages.

Will my download speed be affected by the double upload speed add-on?

Download speeds will remain the same (100Mbps on Turbo and 300Mbps on Super).

Can I double my upload speed on a monthly subscription plan?

Yes, the double upload speed add-on is a monthly subscription plan. There is no commitment involved and you can cancel at any time, without incurring any penalties.