Redeem your Free Internet for Students' Voucher at GO

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How does it work?

Following the introduction of the student government scheme whereby students who are stipend eligible who have finished Year 11 (completing their secondary education) can apply for an internet or mobile product with their €300 government voucher, we are offering students €25 off their monthly bill on their Home Pack or Plug’n’GO internet orders for 12 months, or a yearly unlimited mobile plan. Check out our offers below for more information.



Choose how to redeem your Free Internet voucher

Government Voucher Internet Scheme Internet Plan Home Pack
Home Internet

Get the best Home Internet in Malta with our Mix & Match Home Pack. Add TV & get FREE Movies & Series Pass.

Government Voucher Internet Scheme
Plug'n'GO Internet

Internet right out of the box with no installation required. Get 1 year for FREE with the government voucher.

Government Voucher Internet Scheme Student Mobile Plan
Unlimited student mobile plan

Get a FREE year of unlimited data, calls & SMS.

More info

Who is is eligible to receive the Free Internet student Voucher?

This Government scheme provides 12 months’ free internet access to students that are stipend eligible and who have continued their studies immediately after finishing Year 11, thus after completing their compulsory secondary education. Please visit Mimcol’s website for more information.

Who can apply for the Government Free Internet for Students scheme?

If you received the students Government voucher, then you can apply for this scheme.

Are there any other offers available when applying for the Government Free Internet for Students' voucher?

Benefit from extra €15 when you apply online in May. When subscribing to a Home Pack, you will benefit from free installation and free use of our GO modem. In addition to this, if you subscribe to a Home Pack with Internet and TV, you will also be entitled to our Movies and Series TV Pass for the duration of the contract, completely free of charge.

On which products can I redeem the Government Free Internet for Students' voucher?

You can choose our Mix & Match Home Pack, our Plug’N’GO internet or Unlimited student mobile plan, and €25 per month will be deducted from your total monthly bill for a duration of 12 months.