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Who is is eligible to receive the Free Internet student Voucher?

This Government scheme provides 12 months’ free internet access to students that are stipend eligible and who have continued their studies immediately after finishing Year 11, thus after completing their compulsory secondary education. Please visit Mimcol’s website for more information.

Can I use the Government Free Internet for Students' voucher for other GO mobile services?

No, the voucher is only redeemable with our Unlimited Students Mobile Plan. The voucher can also be redeemed for a fixed internet service which can be found under our government student scheme page.

What happens if I exceed my monthly 30GB EU allowance on my mobile plan?

You can use up to 30GB of mobile data per month whilst roaming in the EU. When you exceed the 30GB of mobile data, you can then  purchase a stand-alone mobile bundle to get more mobile data. Your mobile balance will be credited to your account if you don’t purchase a stand-alone bundle after exceeding your monthly amount. The 30GB of mobile data resets every start of month.

How can I keep track of my mobile balance?

You may keep track of your balances by visiting the GO app. Alternatively, you can send a blank SMS on 16415.

What happens once the 365 days FREE Unlimited student mobile plan contract ends?

Once the 365 days FREE Unlimited student mobile plan contract ends, you will still be eligible to subscribe to our Play plans which are exclusive for anyone 27 years or under. Alternatively, you can continue to benefit from unlimited data by subscribing to our Pay-monthly Freedom Plans.

Can the unlimited calls & SMS' be used with all local provider numbers?

Yes! Our unlimited calls & SMS’ are open to all local providers.