Switch to GO
and get your fully loaded kit

Switch to GO

from another mobile provider and keep your number.
Get your loaded top-up plan and a switch kit from any of our outlets.









It's bigger and better than ever.

Music WildCard

Free music streaming on Spotify and Deezer

2GB of data

Use it locally
or in the EU

60 minutes

To any local numbers
and whilst in the EU

Unlimited texts

To any local numbers
and whilst in the EU

Keep your credit

Bring over your credit (up to €15)

Only €199

for Samsung J5 when switching to GO
Retail price: €229


Unbox your
welcome kit

Get refreshed, put your new earphones on
and listen to music wherever you go.
Without burning up your data.




Ready to start?

Come and collect your brand
new SIM card and the starter kit. 


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