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Get all your mobile data at Full Speed

With Full Speed, you get your data on 4.5G with no speed caps. All plans include unlimited streaming on Music Wildcard and the GO TV app.

Unlimited GB
+30GB data roaming

with Home Pack Discount

in Malta and the EU/UK

with Home Pack Discount

I am a part of a Home Pack Community

5 monthly discount when part of a Home Pack Community

Add Minutes and SMS

Unlimited Minutes and SMS
to all local, EU and UK numbers valid also while roaming in Zone 1
Worldwide Minutes and SMS
60 minutes and 60 SMS from Malta to all countries worldwide

Add a device

With Easy Buy you can get a phone in monthly installments. All you need to do is present your local ID or residence card when you visit our outlets.

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    Unlimited GB


    Home Pack Discount



    Minutes and SMS

Freedom Plan monthly