Prepaid Plan - Pay As You GO fixed line

Would you like to be in control on what you spend on calls? Would you like to ensure you are only paying for the calls you make? 

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve our service we have changed the experience of Easyline prepaid fixed telephone line.

GO's prepaid fixed telephone Service is now called "Pay As You GO fixed line". If you are already familiar with our mobile prepaid recharge system, using a GO Top-up Card, you will find that the new experience matches the one you are already familiar with.  If you have never used our prepaid recharge system, please take your time to familiarise yourself with these changes.  They are easy to understand and the service is easier to use.

Pay As You GO fixed line gives you peace of mind, allowing you to set your own budget and to ensure that no one else makes calls at your expense.

Furthermore, because there is no limit to the number of users on a line, everyone who needs to make outgoing calls from your line can purchase their own Easyline GO Calling Card to use at their leisure and expense. Therefore who calls, pays! 

And that is not all… You can use the Easyline GO Calling Card from any telephone line, even those lines not registered as Pay As You GO fixed line. Use them from a friend's house, your home to make overseas calls or a payphone when you are out. 


Migrating from Easyline to Pay As You GO - FAQs

1. What has changed?
Throughout the past years, people have become more and more used to mobile phones.  Therefore, GO felt the need to streamline the mobile and Easyline experience, making it simpler for customers to use the top up service. As from 10th November 2016, the new service is simpler and will now allow you to top up your fixed line or mobile phone using the same type of card – the GO Top-up Card.
2. How will this affect me? 
The change in service is minimal but beneficial. As from 10th November, you may top up by dialling 123 and follow instructions to input the voucher number found on the ‘GO Top-up Card' you have purchased to add credit, without the need to enter any pin codes before each call. You will then only need to top up again once your balance has been used up or the time window has expired.
3. What happens if I don't top-up after my time window has expired?
The service will be terminated after 90 days.
4. Now that the change to the new system has been completed, did I lose any balance from my previous ‘Easyline GO calling Card'?
You have not lost any credit during the changeover process. If you paired an ‘Easyline GO Calling Card' with your phone number, your remaining credit has been automatically transferred to your phone. This balance will have a one year time window with effect from the 10th November 2016. If you unlinked your ‘Easyline GO Calling Card' the balance will sustain its value, PIN and existing time window.
5. Can I keep using my previous ‘Easyline GO Calling card' once the new system is in place?
Yes, you can keep using your ‘Easyline GO Calling Card' by dialling 1600 from your fixed line and follow instructions. 
6. How can I prevent other users from using my credit?
If you are sharing the use of your fixed line service with others and wish to ensure that no one is using your credit, simply visit one of our outlets to apply for the "Code Control Barring" service.
7. I have opted to barr the service on my Pay As You GO fixed line. Can the line still be used? 
Yes, the line can still be used.  This can be done by dialling 1600 followed by the ‘Easyline GO Calling Card' PIN.  Your Pay As You GO fixed line phone balance will not be affected.  Charges will be deducted from the ‘Easyline GO Calling Card'.
8. What is the difference between the GO Top-up Card and the Easyline GO Calling Card?
The GO Top-up Card can be used to top up any Pay As You GO fixed or mobile line. The Easyline GO Calling Card can be used to make calls from any GO fixed line, namely Pay As You GO fixed lines, Postpaid fixed lines or Payphones.
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Online Top up

Top-up your Pay As You GO fixed line directly from our website.