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Keep connected everywhere


Keep Connected Everywhere

Read and reply to emails, add photos to Facebook and discover the best-reviewed restaurants in your area on Trip Advisor…

With internet on your mobile you'll be connected to the world you love, everywhere you go! 

Setup Your Device


Setup Your Device

Enjoy all the brilliant features on your new smartphone or tablet by setting it up and getting it connected to the internet.

Follow these easy steps, subscribe, activate your device, and you'll be rearing to go!  

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Popular Apps for Your Device

From games and gadgets, to really useful widgets and information, you can completely transform your smartphone with all sorts of apps.

Find out what's trending and the right apps for your device on Google Play, Apple iTunes or Windows Marketplace.

Know Your Mobile Internet Needs


Know Your Data Needs

Whether it's for work or play we have data bundles to suit your needs.

Check out what mobile internet enables you to do on your smartphone, on your tablet or on your laptop.

Stay in Control


Stay In Control

Know exactly how much data you've used every month. An SMS is automatically trigerred when you've reached your plan's limit, or alternatively send an sms to 16415 (free) to see how much data you've got left, whenever you want. 

Going Abroad

Going Abroad

Check your flight schedule, read and reply to emails, chat with friends on Facebook and use maps to learn more about your surroundings – mobile internet is a must have when you're travelling!

Click here to check out the rates in the destination you are travelling to.