Top Up Services

Auto Top Up

Auto Top Up Service

Never worry about running out of credit again – as we'll top it up automatically! Apply to receive a set top up amount on the same day each month or be topped up automatically when your credit goes below a certain amount.

To sign up for Auto Top Up, simply log in to My GO.

You can even top up on someone else's behalf. Simply sign up in exactly the same way to get started.

Top Up Card

Top Up Card placeholder 3

Top-up cards are available for €5, €10 and €20. Scratch off the metallic strip for the unique code and dial 1231 from your GO mobile and follow the instructions. If you're calling from overseas or topping up someone else's number, call 00356 7922 2123 and follow these steps:
1. On your keypad, type in the GO mobile number you want to top up and the # key. Insert 4-digit pin number*, the # key and press 1.

2. Insert the voucher number and wait for the top up confirmation.

*the pin number is preset as '1111'

Credit Transfer

Credit Transfer - placeholder 5

Have you run out of credit or do you want to transfer some to a friend? Our easy-to-use credit transfer service allows you to send credit from one pay as you GO mobile to another.
To use the service simply send an SMS (the standard rate will apply). Within the SMS, write  the number you would like to credit, and send the sms to one of the following options:

  • 5070 0402 for €2
  • 5070 0405 for €5

SMS Top Up

SMS top-up

Top up over SMS by sending a blank message to our top up numbers – it only takes a second or so and you'll be topped up with your chosen amount.
Send a blank SMS to:

  • 5070 0505 - €5
  • 5070 0510  - €10 
  • 5070 0520 - €20
  • 5070 0550 - €50 

Apply for SMS Top Up through your MyGO account. This option is found within the "Auto Top-up" section in MyGO.

Click here for Auto Top Up and SMS Top Up Terms and Conditions

Click here for Online Top Up Terms and Conditions

Online Top Up

Online Top Up

Top up quickly and easily online here or by logging into your My GO account at, and adding credit through a debit or credit card.

You can access this service from anywhere in the world, and can even top up someone else's GO mobile number on their behalf. 

Outlet Top Up

Outlet Top Up  - placeholder 4

You can do this top up at any one of our outlets across Malta and Gozo. 

  • Baystreet
  • Birkirkara
  • PAMA
  • Paola
  • Gozo - Victoria

Click here for opening hours & addresses

BOV Mobile Service

BOV Mobile Service - placeholder 6

Top up through BOV by sending an SMS with your BOV User Identification Number to the following numbers, depending on the amount of credit you would like to top up:

  • 5061 6505 – €5
  • 5061 6510 – €10
  • 5061 6520 – €20
  • 5061 6550 – €50

The SMS is free if sent locally, or costs €0.35 if sent from overseas. Visit the BOV website or one of its branches for details. Alternatively, use the top up service through any BOV ATM.