Stunning quality. Dolby Surround Sound!
With High Definition TV you will benefit from 5 times better picture quality. Sit back and enjoy an outstanding near-life experience!

  €4.99 monthly  






GO Stars

Your favourite stars, movies and more!
Downton Abbey, Mrs Brown's Boy, Big Bang Theory, monthly movie premieres and more.

 €6.99 monthly  






GO Sports

All the action live & exclusive!
Watch all the best European football and your favourite football leagues plus tennis, rugby, horse racing, Formula 1, boxing, golf, and much more sports events.

GO Sports Terms and Conditions

Combine GO Stars with GO Sports for only €20 monthly. Terms apply 

   €16.00 monthly 




Add more Interactive TV sets!
Add more TV sets on your Silver or Gold tv package.

   €5.00 monthly   


Limitless calls to all local phone lines. Free with Home Pack Gold!

    €3 monthly   

Limitless calls to all GO mobile lines.

    €5 monthly   

Limitless calls to all fixed international phone lines (EU, USA, Canada & Australia).

    €8 monthly   

Terms and Conditions 



Fast Internet

35Mbps / 2Mbps - Limitless Download
Benefit from our special price of only €6 monthly when subscribing to this add-on together with Limitless Home Pack. 

   €6 monthly   



Super fast Internet

75Mbps / 5Mbps - Limitless Download 
  €25 monthly  

200Mbps / 5Mbps - Limitless Download 
  €50 monthly  

500Mbps / 20Mbps - Limitless Download 
  €115 monthly