How do I set up an Access Point Name (APN)?

You can read this FAQ in English or Maltese.

If you want to access the internet from your mobile phone via mobile data, then you need to set up an Access Point Name, or APN. Here’s how.

For Apple devices:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Go to Mobile Data Network
  3. Type “gointernet” in the “Mobile Data”, “LTE” and “Personal Hotspot” fields

For Android operated devices:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Go to connections
  3. Go to mobile networks
  4. Click on access point names and then Add/+
  5. In the name field type in “GO”
  6. If you have a prepaid or hybrid subscription, type in “rtgsurfing” in the APN field
  7. If you have a post-paid subscription, type in “gointernet” in the APN

Verżjoni bil-Malti

Kif nista’ ndaħħal id-dettalji ta’ Access Point Name (APN)?

Għall-mobiles li jahdmu bis-sistema iOS (Apple):

  1. Mur fis-Settings
  2. Mur fuq Mobile Data Network
  3. Ikteb “gointernet” fis-sezzjonijiet “Mobile Data”, “LTE Setup” u “Personal Hotspot”

Għall-mobiles li jahdmu bis-sisteam Android:

  1. Mur fis-Settings
  2. Mur fuq Connections
  3. Mur fuq Mobile Networks
  4. Agħfas fuq Access Point Names u mbagħad ADD/+
  5. Fis-sezzjoni ‘Name’ ikteb “GO”
  6. Jekk għandek abbonament imħallas minn qabel (pre-paid) jew hybrid, ikteb “rtgsurfing” fis-sezzjoni APN
  7. Jekk għandek abbonament imħallas wara l-konsum tas-servizz (post-paid), ikteb “gointernet” fl-APN