What do I do if I have no signal?

You could be getting the No Signal message because the selected source on your TV is not the one connected to the GO set-top box. Using the TV remote, find the ‘Source’ or ‘Input’ button and select the HDMI or SCART source that the GO set-top box is connected to. If you do not know which one this is you can either:

  • Check on the back of the television set to confirm, or;
  • Go through all TV sources until you find the GO TV service visible

If you went through the steps and you still did not get a signal, try disconnecting the HDMI or SCART cable and connect it to a different HDMI or SCART source (remember to change the source on your TV set as well). If the service is still not available, please contact us via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger or Live Chat.