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  • FREE Double DAT for 4 weeks when you switchFREE Double DAT for 4 weeks when you switch
  • Keep your number & get a FREE SIMKeep your number & get a FREE SIM
  • FREE TV Pass & Start TV offerFREE TV Pass & Start TV offer
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What's in our Play plans?

Play plans are top-up plans for anyone who is 27 years or younger. You get special rates, top-up bonuses and exclusive bundles, and you don’t even need to be a student!

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FREE Double DAT bundle

When you switch to a Play plan, get a FREE Double DAT bundle for 4 weeks as our gift to you.

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Keep your number

There’s no need to change number, just bring it with you and get your FREE SIM!

Data Boom GO Malta
Data Boom

Double your data when you are part of a Home Pack Community!

Music WildCard

Only with GO, you can stream music without burning data on selected music apps.

FREE TV Pass & Start TV offer

6 months Sports or Movies & Series TV Pass + 12 months Start TV for FREE. Already on Play? Get your TV logins here

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EU and UK minutes

All our plans now include international calls to EU and UK numbers from Malta.

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Free delivery

A courier will bring your brand-new SIM card to your doorstep, be it your home or other location.

Auto Rollover

Auto rollover your unused mobile data!

GO app & MyGO

Use one set of login details to manage your mobile services and billing accounts



What is the TV offer with the Play plan?

Youths subscribing to the TV offer get to benefit from 6 months free on Sports Pass or Movies & Series Pass plus 12 months free on Start TV which gives access to local and Italian channels. The offer is available to mobile Play Plan customers. Customers can apply for the offer until 31st December 2021.

Those below 18 years of age, need to visit an outlet with a parent/legal guardian to activate this TV offer.

Can I keep my credit from my old SIM card?

Yes – when you switch from Epic or Melita’s top-up plan, we will transfer up to €15 of your previous credit balance to your new SIM.

Are there any charges to switch to GO?

GO won’t charge you anything if you switch from a top-up plan with another operator. We not only cover the whole process of contacting your previous operator, but we also transfer up to €15 of your previous credit balance to your new SIM.

When my free Double DAT bundle runs out, do I have to keep using Double DAT afterwards?

You don’t have to stay on Double DAT once your free bundle runs out – you can then choose either of the Play bundles whenever you like.

How do I get Data Boom?

Data Boom is a feature which automatically gives extra data for anyone part of a Home Pack Community. All you need to do is become part of your family or friend’s Home Pack Community, you don’t need to be the owner of a Home Pack to benefit as long as you are added as a Community member.

This feature is only available for all GO Smart, Smart Plus and Play plan bundles.

How do I activate the Music Wildcard?

If you are subscribed to any of our Smart, Smart Plus, Play or Freedom plans, you can already benefit from Music Wildcard. All you need is to have remaining data in your bundle and one of the apps supported with this feature; Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer and Apple Music and you can enjoy streaming your favourite songs without consuming any data!

Please note that if your mobile data bundle allowance is used up or has expired, your normal Pay Per Use (PPU) data charges will apply. You can check remaining data by logging into the GO app or MyGO, or by sending a free blank SMS to 16415.