Trade-In Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions were last updated on 30th November 2020.

1. General

  1. The GO Trade In Service (“Service”) is being utilized by You from GO p.l.c. (“GO”) in accordance with the following Terms and Conditions.
  2. It is Your sole responsibility to read carefully and understand the following Terms and Conditions and all the terms and conditions pertaining to Mobile Product and to the Eligible Mobile Tariff Plan which you are subscribed to, including the General Terms and Conditions.
  3. We reserve the right to withdraw this Service or change these terms and conditions at any time.
  4. You will be deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions (“Conditions”) when you provide us with the device you wish to trade in (the “Device”) by handing us the Device in-store.

2. Definitions

  1. Unless stated otherwise or clearly evident from the context, all definitions contained in the General Terms and Conditions shall have the same meaning here and the GO Trade In shall be included in the definition of ‘Service’ under such General Terms and Conditions.
  2. ‘Eligible Mobile Tariff Plan’ means a pay monthly Mobile Tariff Plan described as being compatible with the GO Trade-In on Our website at and the relevant terms and conditions.

3. Terms

  1. You confirm that you are either the owner of the Device or you have obtained express permission from the rightful owner to trade in the Device.
  2. The quoted Device trade in value (‘Quoted Value’) will be determined by us or a third party on our behalf based on the make, model, age and condition of the Device.
  3. The Device must not be stolen or listed with us or a third party as stolen. If the Device fails any due diligence check we may notify the relevant authority and we may pass the Device and your details to them and the Quoted Value will not be paid to you.
  4. If the Device contains a SIM card, you must remove this along with any accessories prior to trade in. We will not be liable for any consequences of you not removing the SIM card or accessories, including any payments associated with the Device or the SIM card.
  5. YOUR OBLIGATION TO PROTECT YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION. It is your sole responsibility to protect or secure any information in Your Device. You are responsible for: Removal of Device Data and Personal Information. This includes, but is not limited to, SIM cards, memory cards, passwords, contacts, emails, pictures or calendars; Device. You must reset Your Device to factory settings and remove any passwords or locking features before handing it to our representative.
  6. The Device must be in acceptable working order as deemed by GO in its sole discretion.
  7. The Device must be a Smartphone where ‘Smartphone’ is defined as a phone with an operating system running iOS or Android.
  9. One of our representatives must inspect the device prior to being accepted.
  10. The Device must contain a battery.
  11. GO reserves the right to refuse to trade-in a Device for any reason whatsoever.
  12. A trade-in may only occur at any one of GO’s retail outlets.
  13. Once you have traded in the Device, it will not be returned to you under any circumstances.
  14. The final quoted trade-in value is not negotiable.
  15. GO processes and retains personal data in line with the applicable data protection legislation. For further details please refer to Our Privacy Policy.
  16. These terms and conditions have been drafted in the English language and the English text shall be regarded as the authoritative text. If these terms and conditions are translated into any other language, any ambiguity or disagreement that may arise shall be resolved by reference to the English text.
  17. This Service and all matters relating to it shall be governed, construed and take effect in accordance with the laws of Malta and the Courts in Malta shall be vested with the exclusive competence and jurisdiction to determine any dispute arising therefrom.

4. Eligibility

  1. You may only apply for GO Trade In if You are eighteen (18) years or over and have proof of identity.
  2. You can apply for GO Trade In when you sign up for a pay monthly connection (new or upgrade) for the duration of twenty-four (24) months on an Eligible Mobile Tariff Plan/s and purchase a device outright or through GO Easy Buy. We will give you the ‘Quoted Value’ advertised at point of sale when you trade-in a relevant phone. Trade-in and connection must take place in the same transaction to qualify.
  3. Only one Mobile Device can be traded-in per Eligible Mobile Tariff Plan.

5. Payment

  1. You accept that the bill on which Your Eligible Mobile Tariff Plan are invoiced shall be paid by direct debit for the Term.
  2. We will pay the ‘Quoted Value’ onto your GO account where available within 30 working days.
  3. The ‘Quoted Value’ can be used as part or full payment for eligible GO services billed to you.