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  • €50 minimum trade-in value guaranteed.€50 minimum trade-in value guaranteed.

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Do you need a new phone and don’t know what to do with your old phone? If your old smartphone still works, you can trade it in at any GO outlet when buying a new mobile & Freedom mobile plan and you’ll get a minimum of €50 cash back!

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Can I trade in my old phone if it's not a smartphone?

Unfortunately, we do not accept phones that are not smartphones. ‘Smartphone’ is defined as a phone with an operating system running iOS, Android, Blackberry OS or Windows.

Does my old smartphone need to work for this trade-in?

Yes, your old smartphone must be in acceptable working order to successfully trade it in. Our GO staff will check it when you visit our GO outlets to trade it in.

How does the €50 price guarantee work?

If your device has a value of less than €50, for a limited time we will give you a minimum guaranteed cash back of €50. This price guarantee will depend on the model and state of your phone.