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Apply for your log-in details with the form below. If you’re a GO Interactive TV customer, follow the guide here to get your details.

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We know this is a really challenging time for everyone in Malta, and we want to at least make sure you have some entertainment while you’re stuck at home, whether you’re a GO customer or not. Just enter your details in the form by clicking the below button, and we will send you an SMS of your free login details for the GO TV app, available with a big selection of channels to keep the whole family happy!

What you'll get access to

Let us entertain you with some of the best premium channels and thousands of hours of free Movies and Series on Demand, and now including Britain’s Got Talent2020 edition, starting in April!

You will benefit from free access on two devices to 20 Start TV channels, plus all the following channels:

GO-StarsGO Boxsetsnick jrBoomerangDisney-JuniorCartoonitoBBC-Entertainmentfox life hd FOX hdAnimal-PlanetSky News

Get the GO TV app

You can download the app from here:



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What will I get when subscribing to the Free GO TV app offer?
After you receive your login details via SMS, you will be able to log into the app and you will be able to view:
  • Start TV
Weather-&-Info-Channel TVM-HD TVM2-HD net blue   one-hd    Parliament TVSmashXejkitv-hdf-livingItalia-1Rai-1 Rai-2 Rai-3 Rai-News Rai-StoriaRete-4TV2000La-5 Canale-5Euronews
  • Other additional channels and services
GO-StarsGO Boxsetsnick jrBoomerangDisney-JuniorCartoonitoBBC-Entertainmentfox life hd FOX hdAnimal-PlanetSky News
How can I subscribe to the Free GO TV app offer?
If you are not subscribed to the GO Interactive TV service and you are interested in getting the Free GO TV app offer you will need to fill in and submit an application form. Following this, you will receive an SMS with the necessary sign-in details to log in. You would need to download the GO TV app on Android or iOS device, and enter the login details received via SMS. If you are a GO Interactive TV service subscriber, please follow this guide since you are already subscribed to this service.
Who is eligible to the Free GO TV app offer?
Anyone who is not a GO Interactive TV customer can subscribe to this offer. The offer is available on a first come first served basis and for a limited number of subscriptions.
Will I be able to use the GO TV app when travelling?
Yes, the app will still work while you are roaming in the EU ‘Zone 1’ or the UK. Data charges may apply but should you have an active data bundle on your GO Freedom Plan you will benefit from free data.
Will the GO TV app burn my data?
The GO TV app won’t use up your data if you’re on a Freedom Plan, Smart Plan, Smart Plus Plan or Youth Plan.

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