Free access on TV Anywhere on
2 devices with Interactive TV
Together. As it should be.






Get the TV Anywhere app
with your Interactive TV
  • Free app. The TV Anywhere app is a free add-on to the Interactive TV.
  • 65 channels across all genres. Check out TV Anywhere channels here.
  • Free TV Anywhere access on 2 devices.
  • On your device. Enjoy the freedom of watching TV whenever and wherever you want on up to two devices.
  • Record feature. Record and manage your recordings from your device. Find out more
  • Soft remote feature. Use your smartphone as your remote control! Find out more
app store icon iOS version 6.0 or higher
google store icon OS version 4.2 or higher


Find out more
Register for My GO
When you subscribe to any GO service, you get your own free My GO account.
  • Set up your account by following the instructions on the My GO registration page.
  • Make sure you have your bills linked to your account. You will know if your bills are linked with you My GO account when you see items in the menu under ‘My Bills'. You can link your bills by going to ‘My Profile' in the My GO menu and selecting ‘Link more services'. Watch this video for detailed instructions.
Create your TV Anywhere logins
  • Log into your My GO account and click on ‘TV Anywhere' in the top-right drop down menu (if you don't see ‘TV Anywhere' check the setup of your My GO account above). You can watch this video on how to set up TV Anywhere for all following steps.
  • Scroll down to ‘Account details' and make a note of your ‘Default User ID' - you will need it later.
  • Create your new logins and you will be forwarded to the ‘Devices' tab.
Register your device & activate the app
Register your device: Once forwarded to the 'Devices' tab, click on the 'Add' button and accept the terms and conditions.
Activate the app: Insert your 'Default User ID' and your password in the app.
When logging in in the future use your newly created login details.