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The Preferred Roaming Partner in the Maltese Islands

Do your need a truly reliable roaming partner to enable your customers to roam hassle free using the best possible network? We can offer a service that perfectly suits the needs of your clients during their stay on our islands.

At GO, we’re proud of our roaming relations with over 550 networks in over 200 countries and territories worldwide. We have been a member of the GSM Association since 2000, having launched our roaming services in December that year.

We currently operate a number of nationwide mobile network which supports 2G, HSDPA+ and an LTE network with 4.5G speeds. We are the only operator in Malta with all base stations connected over fibre, thus ensuring a truly superior level of service. It comes as no surprise therefore that the GO network is the absolute preferred roaming network in the Maltese Islands.

We look forward to discussing your international roaming options and to finding the ideal solution for your clients. Kindly contact our dedicated team for more information.