Are you ready to GO Wild?

It's time for something new. We're setting data free with the Music WildCard:
the next step towards data freedom. Try it now.

Never Miss a Beat

Stream music from Spotify,
Deezer, Apple Music & Amazon Music

No Data Consumption

Go wild and enjoy the data -
it's on us

Powered by 4G+

Hassle-free streaming thanks
to our lightning fast network

Included Apps

The Music WildCard is currently available to use on 4 services.
Please note: this does not include app subscriptions.

How does it work?

Free streaming is automatically enabled as long as you have an
active data bundle* on any of the following plans:

Student & Youth

Dis Weekly
Double Dat

Pay As You GO


Smart Plus

Smart Plus

Pay Monthly

All Freedom Plans

* Once the data bundle is depleted, applicable PPU data rates as per plan will apply.
All other plans will be charged with plan PPU data rates.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Music WildCard?

Music WildCard is your key to music freedom. As long as your included data bundle allowance is active, you can stream as much music as you want from our selection of music apps. All you have to do is subscribe to one of the eligible plans mentioned below.

How do I activate Music WildCard?

If you are subscribed to one of the eligible plans mentioned below and your included data bundle allowance is active, you are already benefiting from Music WildCard. No further action from your side is necessary. Make sure you have one of our chosen music apps downloaded on your device and enjoy streaming all your favourite songs without consuming any data!

It is important to note that when the included data bundle allowance is consumed or expired, your tariff plan's or bundle's Pay Per Use (PPU) data charges will apply.

What happens when my allocated data allowance is consumed or expired?

When your included data allowance is consumed or expired, PPU data charges will apply. You will be eligible to benefit again from the Music WildCard when the included data bundle is re-assigned.

Will you add more streaming service providers to Music WildCard over time?

Our intention is to add more apps to the Music WildCard over time.  This is a long process requiring the complete support from the streaming service providers.  Any lawful and licensed streaming music service provider can work with us for inclusion in the Music WildCard.  GO is actively on the lookout for more opportunities in this space.  If you are a streaming service provider and interested to be included in the Music WildCard, you can contact us to discuss collaboration on this offer.