Who are GO Business?

We are a specialised B2B team within GO that caters to the communication needs of the local business community. Our team is made up of sales and customer retention specialists, as well as solution designers and support staff.

We strive to give business customers like you, individual attention to provide you with the solutions you need to help your business thrive. Let us help you spend less time and effort thinking about technology, and more time doing what you love doing most.

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What can we do for you?

Whether you are a self-employed business of 1, a growing small enterprise taking on your first employees, or a corporation with interests in multiple verticals, we provide services and solutions that cater to your needs. We package our core services in an off-the shelf Business Infinity Pack, which can be customised to your requirements.

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Our Enterprise Solutions

Ad-hoc telephony as well as networking solutions and consultations are also provided. Additionally, we maintain and administer fibre-based private networks, providing 24-hour support through various channels.

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Business Support

Business clients who require immediate support, may now call our dedicated Business Support line on 2121 2121.

Our offices are located in GO’s head office in Marsa.  We can also be reached at GO’s contact centre and our business account executives can also come directly to you if you require face time.

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One of our Business Specialists can get in touch with you for more information. Click here to request a callback.

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Send us an email on [email protected] for more details and information about our business services.

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Require immediate support? Call our Business Support line on 2121 2121.