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70k of households reached with TOKIS' TV content
46% of our GO customers watch local drama
40k viewers per episode with GO Originals content
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+48k reach on our social media channels when posting local content
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55% females & 45% males GO TV Recommendations followership
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The TOKIS story

Our TV journey dates back to 2007. Since then, we have transitioned from investing in the technology and our customer interface to make it far more interactive to investing in richer TV content, both foreign and local.

Yet, the inherent challenges faced by the local industry meant that a limited number of dramas could be produced every year. This meant that a lot of talent and creativity was going to waste, our cultural heritage and a host of historical stories were being lost, while the preservation of Maltese content was being threatened.

We knew we could do something to bridge this gap. We had the platform, the resources to invest and the demand from our customers, which we wanted to satisfy. And this is how the concept of TOKIS was born.

TOKIS provides a mix of both new and pre-existing TV content, extending its life-span by allowing some viewers to revisit content they previously enjoyed and others to enjoy it for the very first time.

Rich TV content

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