GO is the longest standing, leading telecoms operator on the island. We don’t just offer a wide range of communications services, but we offer a full, second to none, customer experience. We do not rest until our customers are served, and served excellently. Our promise to you, is that we will do everything in our power to ensure you never go to bed without connectivity.

What we offer

As Malta’s leading communications services provider, we offer an integrated quad-play bundle of mobile, fixed line, internet and TV services. We also support Maltese businesses by providing a range of tailored professional solutions, such as Cloud Services, business IP services and much more, enabling them to thrive and grow.

Our wide customer base of more than 500,000 connections has access to unrivalled network coverage delivered over our True-Fibre-powered infrastructure and our three submarine cables, which connect the island to the rest of the world. GO is the only operator having 3 submarine cables, with the only connection to mainland Europe via France.

As the sole Maltese operator to boast a fully integrated fixed/mobile network, we can guarantee a seamless experience.


About our services

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True Fibre Internet
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The GO Group

From its beginning as a state-owned company which was then privatised, GO today is a group of companies present across different countries, serving thousands of customers and still growing. As Malta’s largest group of companies, we boast majority holdings in:

Our history

Our pioneering role in Malta’s communications industry is based on a tradition which goes back to 1975 when Telemalta, the country’s first national telecommunications company, was established. This tradition was built on by international investment in the company, firstly from Emirates International Telecommunications (EIT) in 2006 and more recently in 2016 from TT Malta Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tunisie Telecom, which now owns a 65% stake in the business.

At the heart of our growth and success lies a continuous commitment to providing exceptional infrastructure and customer service experience. Through a strong network of local outlets, dedicated customer call centre, a network of authorised dealers and outstanding B2B support, we’ve become renowned for delivering world-class communications solutions across the country, while our commitment to growth is bolstered by multi-million-dollar investment programmes in both infrastructure and human resources, ensuring that we continue to develop quality services that exceed expectation and that our forward-thinking spirit lives on into the future .

Our Purpose - To drive a digital Malta where no one is left behind

As digital technologies are transforming society and revolutionizing our day-to-day lives, making it easier than ever to work, play, learn and interact with others, we’re proud to be at the center of Malta’s digital transformation. But with great power comes a huge responsibility as our network is essential in providing vital services to individuals, businesses and entire communities alike.

Yet, we recognize that not everyone has equal access to or the necessary skills to this digital revolution. This is why we’re dedicated to bridging the gap by forging a digitally inclusive environment and giving everyone an equitable opportunity to participate, while we become more than just a provider of connectivity and work towards living out a higher purpose – one which at its very core serves our customers. Our purpose is to drive a digital Malta, where no one is left behind. This is what shapes our decision making at GO.

It’s through innovation, collaboration and inclusion that we ensure lives and livelihoods are supported every day and that we drive a digital Malta where no one is left behind. This purpose is our navigator and motivator, because we know that today’s challenges will be tomorrow’s norm.

Achieving our purpose

Our business model for achieving our purpose is fueled by our desire to deliver on five strategic pillars:

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Investing in a digital Malta

Building of GO Plc

Becoming a digital enterprise

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Providing the best customer experience

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Becoming the best place to work and grow

Protecting the Maltese environment

Minimizing our environmental impact

GO plc, Fra Diegu Street, Marsa, MRS 1501, Malta

Tel: (356) 80072121 – Fax: (356) 25945895

Company Registration No: C22334 –  EXO 413

VAT Registration No: MT 1282-6209