Why get Smart Wi-Fi Nokia beacons

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Constantly adapting

Thanks to intelligent channel selection, the
optimal Wi-Fi channel is always selected avoiding any glitches.

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Take control

Monitor & manage your network’s health right in the palm of your hand via the app.

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Have you had a change of heart? You may cancel within the first 30 days, with no extra charges.

How many Smart Wi-Fi beacons do you need?

Long apartment - 1 to 2 bedrooms
Long apartment - 3 bedrooms
Square apartment - 3 bedrooms

The above illustrations are for guideline purposes and in specific cases less/more Smart Wi-Fi Nokia beacons may be required.

See what our customers had to say about our Smart Wi-Fi Nokia beacons

Joseph, Rebecca & kids
Joseph, Rebecca & kids

“We’re a large family living in a large home so our only option to get uninterrupted Wi-Fi was to sit right next to the modem, but no more.”

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Anja, Kasia & Magda
Anja, Kasia & Magda

“We were constantly disappointed and frustrated with our internet signal until we were introduced to the Smart Wi-Fi Nokia beacons.”

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Wi-Fi extenders vs Smart Wi-Fi: What’s the difference?

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How many beacons are included in the Smart Wi-Fi Starter Kit?

The Smart Wi-Fi Starter Kit is your gateway to seamless connectivity and it comes equipped with not just one, but two cutting-edge beacons. The first is either provided as a standalone device or it is seamlessly and readily integrated as part of the GO Smart Wi-Fi modem.

How many GO Smart Wi-Fi beacons can I subscribe to?

You can subscribe to a package of 6 GO Smart Wi-Fi beacons. With the first, you have the flexibility to either use it on its own or to seamlessly integrate it with the GO Smart Wi-Fi modem for top-notch coverage.

Can I use GO Smart Wi-Fi beacons with any modem?

GO Smart Wi-Fi work seamlessly with any GO modem. Although they can work with other modems, such as third-party routers or modems supplied by alternative internet service providers, bear in mind what we can only guarantee support when GO Smart Wi-Fi is connected to a modem supplied by GO.

I am interested in GO Smart Wi-Fi but how can I tell how many beacons I should get?

Planning your GO Smart Wi-Fi setup is a breeze. Check out the home layouts found here to determine the ideal number of beacons depending on your home’s size. And if you’re still unsure, no worries – with the option to Try & Buy, you can return any additional beacons you don’t need within 30 days and you won’t be charged as long as they are in good condition.

Will the GO Smart Wi-Fi system work if my internet connection is with a different network provider?
GO Smart Wi-Fi can only be used with a GO internet service, so if you would like to enjoy benefits like extended and uninterrupted Wi-Fi signal anywhere in your home, you will need to have a GO internet subscription.
If you are not yet subscribed to the GO Internet service, take a look at our available packages.
How does Try & Buy work for Smart Wi-Fi beacons?

When you buy our Smart Wi-Fi beacons with Try & Buy, you’ll get a 30-day period to try them out. During these 30 days, if you decide the beacons aren’t for you, then you’ll have the option to stop the subscription and also get a refund of the one-time €30 activation fee.

If you find that you’re enjoying the Smart Wi-Fi beacons, no action is required on your part. After the 30 days have passed, the service will continue to be active.