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  • 3 months FREE of Secure Net3 months FREE of Secure Net
  • Special Offer: Unlimited Data offer for the first 6 monthsSpecial Offer: Unlimited Data offer for the first 6 months
  • Add a smartphone with 0% interest (optional)Add a smartphone with 0% interest (optional)
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Get FREE AirPods with your new iPhone 13

Get a pair of FREE AirPods 2nd Generation when purchasing an iPhone 13iPhone 13 Pro, or iPhone 13 Pro Max. With their very own charging case and a good deal of talk and listen time, experience wireless headphones like never before. Terms and Conditions.

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Tailor your mobile plan, your way

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Tailor your plan, your way

Special Offer: Get Unlimited GB at €10.99*/month for the first 6 months or 5GB at €13.99*/month, both at Full Speed.

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Get a Home Pack customer discount

Get up to a €5 monthly discount on your plan if you are part of a Home Pack Community.

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Add minutes & SMS to your plan

Get the best value calls and messages with our Unlimited local add-on and our international add-on. (optional)

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Get a phone with 0% interest [Optional]

Get the phone you really want with Easy Buy! Benefit from 0% interest, monthly instalments & a 3 months of FREE TV. (optional)

*Please note that you can get €1 off per month on the above prices with Direct Debit Mandate. Find out more.

Enjoy FREE Music & TV streaming

Listen to your favourite tunes on Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music & Amazon Music with our Music Wildcard.

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Benefit from 3 months of FREE TV with our Movies & Series, Entertainment or Sports TV Pass & FREE access to local and Italian channels.

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be unsure as to whether this offer is suitable for you.

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Introducing Secure Net

Want to protect yourself & your family against online threats? Try out our Secure Net add-on & get 3 months FREE then €0.99/month afterwards.

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How can I get 5G?

All you need is a compatible device and a compatible tariff plan. You may find our 5G compatible devices by visiting our 5G page & checking the compatible tariffs on your Freedom Plan and Smart+ Plan.

How does the "Refer a friend for €25 credit" offer work?

For every new GO Internet connection or Freedom mobile plan user, you and your friends each get €25 off! Simply forward your account number to your friends and redeem your reward! See our Refer a friend offer for more details and steps for you and your friends.

How do I become eligible for a new Smartphone with GO Easy Buy payment plan?

Easy, simply head over to our Pay Monthly page, choose the right package for you and select the smartphone you always wanted. You will be able to pay it through instalments without breaking the bank.

Do I end up paying more for a device with GO’s Easy Buy vs. paying in cash?

No. Whether you pay for your device in full up front, or through Easy Buy, you always end up paying the same price. With Easy Buy you pay the same retail price for the same device through 30 low monthly payments with 0% interest instead of paying all in one go. Example: If your device costs €750, you pay €750 through 30 monthly payments of €24.99 each.

Is there a down payment required for GO Easy Buy?

GO Easy Buy does not require you to pay a fixed % of the retail price in cash in order to allow you to pay the rest monthly. In most cases, you will even end up paying €0 upfront.

You might in some cases have to pay an up-front difference (if there is one) between the total amount of your monthly payments and the retail price. Example: if your device costs €800, you will pay €750 through 30 monthly payments of €24.99 and the difference of €50 up front. If your device costs €750, you will pay €0 up front.

Can I change the data and SMS of my Freedom Plan down the line?

Yes you can! Speak to one of our agents online or visit one of our retail outlets to find out how.

Do I have to get a phone to get a Freedom Plan?

No – getting a phone with your plan is optional. However, you get the best prices on your phone with a plan – besides getting the plan you really want, get the phone you really want with GO Easy Buy.

How do I activate the Music Wildcard?

If you are subscribed to any of our Smart, Smart Plus, Play or Freedom plans, you can already benefit from Music Wildcard. All you need is to have remaining data in your bundle and one of the apps supported with this feature; Spotify, Amazon Music, Deezer and Apple Music and you can enjoy streaming your favourite songs without consuming any data!

Please note that if your mobile data bundle allowance is used up or has expired, your normal Pay Per Use (PPU) data charges will apply. You can check remaining data by logging into the GO app or MyGO, or by sending a free blank SMS to 16415.

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