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Unlimited Local Data

50GB when roaming in EU & UK
DiscountGet a €5 discount when you form part of a Home Pack Community. Pay €5.99/month for the first six months and €15.99/month thereafter.
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24 months & monthly option available

Unlimited Local Data, Minutes & SMS

50GB when roaming in EU & UK
Calls & SMS to EU & UK numbers and while roaming in Zone 1
DiscountGet a €5 discount when you form part of a Home Pack Community. Pay €16.99/month for the first six months and €26.99/month thereafter.
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24 months & monthly option available

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What is the Home Pack Community?

The Home Pack community is an add-on benefit for your mobile service. This added perk is provided to those subscribed to Freedom Plans, Smart Plans, a Smart Plus plan and Play plans, who are also subscribed to a Home Pack.

When forming part of a Home Pack community, you get to enjoy free unlimited calls to other community members, as well as the main Home Pack landline number when in Malta. You are also eligible for other benefits based on the mobile plan you are registered to.

After activating the Home Pack community via SMS, you can add 4 other GO mobile numbers to the community, giving each member the same Home Pack community benefits.

How can I get 5G?

When you’re on a GO mobile plan, we’ve got your back with a complimentary 5G connection. Yep, you read that right – it’s included in all of our mobile plans for free.

Now, let’s get you soaring on 5G. Here’s what you need to do:

Device Compatibility: First things first, ensure your phone is 5G compatible. This means it’s ready to handle the amazing network speed.

5G Settings: If your device is indeed 5G compatible, make sure your 5G settings are all set up. It’s easy – just head over to the “Set Up Your Mobile Device Page“. Scroll down to find either “How to set up 5G on Android Devices” or “How to set up 5G on Apple Devices with iOS16”. Follow the simple steps that match your device.

Can I change the data and SMS of my Freedom Plan down the line?

Absolutely! Simply complete this form, and we’ll handle everything on your behalf. Alternatively, you can get in touch with us via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or Live Chat. If you prefer in-person interactions, you’re welcome to drop by one of our retail outlets.

How does the "Refer a friend for €25 credit" offer work?

For every new user who signs up for a GO Internet connection or a Freedom mobile plan, both you and your friends will receive a €25 discount!

It’s easy – just share your GO account number with your friends, and you can all enjoy the benefits. See our Refer a friend offer for more details and steps for you and your friends.

Do I have to get a phone to get a Freedom Plan?

You don’t have to get a phone with your plan if you don’t want to. Yet, opting for a plan can get you the most attractive prices for your phone. Not only do you get the plan you desire, but you also have the chance to grab the phone you’ve always wanted through GO Easy Buy.

Are international minutes, SMS or Non-EU roaming data included in this plan?

Absolutely. With our Freedom Plans, you have the flexibility to tailor your add-ons to suit your needs. For international connectivity, you can opt for our international minutes and SMS add-ons, which provide 60 minutes and 60 SMS worldwide for just €5 per month. Additionally, we offer a non-EU data bundle, which grants you 500MB every month for only €5. You have the liberty to add or remove these options as you see fit so that you only pay for what you truly need.