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  • Combine your TV with Internet & more with Mix & Match Home PackCombine your TV with Internet & more with Mix & Match Home Pack
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TV plans from €5.99 for 3 months
TV plans from €5.99 for 3 months

Connect to any internet services straight from your TV.

Movies & Series for €5.99/month
Movies & Series for €5.99/month

The biggest local and global superstars on your TV.

Sports for €5.99/month
Sports for €5.99/month

All the matches, all the events, all in one place.

Entertainment for €5.99/month
Entertainment for €5.99/month

TV shows for the whole family.


The TV add-on with a vast library of top Maltese content.

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Get the best TV plan in Malta with GO TV. Want to just connect to TV over internet? Then our GO TV subscription is for you! Choose your favourite TV channels whether it’s movies and series, sports and entertainment from just €11.98 for 3/months with no commitment. Moving in or want to switch to GO? Combine your favourite TV channels, internet packages, landline & more with our Mix & Match Home Pack. With our GO TV app, our extensive range of TV channels are also available on your browser, tablet, mobile device, Android Smart TV, Apple TV & Fire TV. You can watch TV wherever you are without paying extra charges and without draining your data bundle when being on a Freedom mobile plan, Smart mobile plan, Smart Plus mobile plan or Youth mobile plan.

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