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From day one, GO has been closely monitoring the situation unfolding in Ukraine and is deeply saddened by the turn of events.

If you are in Ukraine or need to get in touch with someone in the country, take a look at how we can help.

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How can I enable or disable my data roaming limit online?

You can enable or disable data roaming by logging into your MyGO account and:

1. Clicking on ‘Settings’ in the Menu bar

2. Clicking on ‘Data roaming limits’ on the side menu

3. Clicking on ‘Manage’ next to your preferred mobile number

4. Clicking on the ‘Enable’ / ‘Disable’ button and confirming the change

You can change the roaming limit on all the Pay Monthly and Smart+ mobile numbers that are part of your billing account, when the billing account is linked to your MyGO account.

If you linked your Top-up mobile number as a service, you have the rights to change these settings as the change does not affect the bill but only your top-up credit, which you are in control of.

What are the rates applicable for mobile usage whilst I am roaming abroad?

If you are travelling to any Zone 1 country in the EU (and UK), the same rates you pay in Malta apply. This means that any bundle you have in your plan can be used within these countries (in case of calls bundles, this only applies to bundles with calls to all numbers in Zone 1 countries). Please visit our Travel page for a list of EU Zone 1 countries.

If you are travelling to any non-EU Zone 1 country, roaming charges for each country applies. You can find them here, by searching your preferred country in the text box.

May we remind you to enable your data roaming limit from your MyGO account (in the Settings tab), so that you can be notified via SMS once you reach the €50 limit.

Here is more information on how to turn on your data whilst roaming.

How can I top up while roaming?

It’s easy to top up your mobile service while roaming! Before leaving, you can set up Auto Top-up with a few simple steps by logging into the GO app. You can also use the GO app to top up your service at any other point.

Alternatively, you can top up by logging into MyGO (by using the same GO app credentials) or by going to the GO website.