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GO offers you the option to have your services installed, and you can request this option at ordering stage. You will be provided with an appointment at your convenience. Some services include a self-install option. To facilitate the installation process, there are some steps you may follow to prepare your site for installation. Installations completed by GO include a one-year warranty.


GO Remote Control

Retail price: € 10

  • Control multiple devices as if they were one
  • One remote is compatible with all GO TV set-top boxes
  • Use it on both DTTV and GO Interactive TV services
  • No need for any programming if you are using the remote control on GO Interactive TV
  • Compatible with your TV’s power, input selection, volume and mute functions on a wide range of TV manufacturers
  • User-friendly programming guide to set up your remote for your specified use
  • Replaceable 2x AAA batteries included

User Guide    Programming Guide    TV Codes    FAQs

Aria 610

  • Applicable to any IPTV package offered by GO.
  • Optimized for digital video broadcast and streaming media services ( OTT ).
  • Easily integrates with existing in-home networks and broadband services.
  • Energy star compliant.

Specifications   Installation

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