Smart Wi-Fi pods

Get an extended & uninterrupted Wi-Fi signal wherever you need it
in your home, with intuitive pods that automatically adjust the signal
based on your location, starting from €2.99/month.

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Why get Smart Wi-Fi pods

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Constantly adapting

Featuring intelligent handover technology, the mesh pods maintain a consistent signal.

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Take charge

Thanks to its dedicated app, you can monitor & manage your network’s health right in the palm of your hand.

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Go green, stay green

With its scheduled energy saving mode, the pods help reduce power consumption.

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Try & Buy option

Have you had a change of heart? You may cancel within the first 30 days, with no penalties.

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Parental controls

See who uses the internet & implement access schedules so you’ll know what the kids are up to.

The Smart Wi-Fi Starter Kit

To anyone stuck at home with a slow, spotty internet connection, particularly when moving from room to room, we hear you. 

The perfect fit

Get the Starter Kit as is if your home is an apartment or a small one-floor house.

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The alternative

Larger dwelling? Opt for an extra Smart Wi-Fi pod at a one-time charge of €39.99.

Discover how to set up your Smart Wi-Fi pods

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Wi-Fi pods: All your burning questions answered

Home plugs, extenders, repeaters, pods. You may have heard of them, but do you truly know the main differences between them? Making use of a new technology, which makes sure you get consistent Wi-Fi signal wherever you are in your house, the Smart Wi-Fi pods are a cut above the rest.

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See what our customers had to say about our Smart Wi-Fi pods

Marcel customer review

“GO Smart Wi-Fi has revolutionized our COVID-19 home office network. It has been an invaluable.”


Caroline customer review

“Finally I have internet in every corner of my home. No more searching for Wi-Fi in thin air. Happy me!”


Anna customer review

“Life just got way easier since I’m using GO Smart Wi-Fi pods in my apartment! Finally I can enjoy internet everywhere.”


Get your Smart Wi-Fi pods with a choice of subscriptions

Give your home or office’s internet signal a boost with a Smart Wi-Fi pod. Opt for a starter kit, ideal for apartments or small houses for €2.99 per month
and a one-time €30 activation fee or go for the Starter Kit with additional pods if your home is larger.

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Can I use GO Smart Wi-Fi Pods with any modem?

Yes, GO Smart Wi-Fi works with any GO modem.

Can I purchase a GO Smart Wi-Fi system if my service is provided by another network provider?

GO Smart Wi-Fi is designed to work seamlessly with GO’s internet service. To this end, you will need to subscribe to a GO internet service to be able to enjoy the full benefits of GO Smart Wi-Fi.

How do I set up the GO Smart Wi-Fi Starter Kit?

Simply plug the first GO Smart Wi-Fi pod into an electrical outlet, connect it to your modem via the supplied ethernet cable, switch off the Wi-Fi on your modem, connect the second pod in another area, and you’re good to go!

Can I keep using the same network name on GO Smart Wi-Fi as on my original Wi-Fi network?

Yes, since the Wi-Fi mesh network works seamlessly in conjunction with your existing connection, you will still be able to use your current network name

Will my Wi-Fi stay connected if I move to another room on Smart Wi-Fi?

Since the GO Smart Wi-Fi Pods are designed to communicate seamlessly with each other, you will stay connected to the network without having to reconnect to a different Wi-Fi hot-spot within the home.

How does Try & Buy work for Smart Wi-Fi pods?

When you buy our Smart Wi-Fi pods with Try & Buy, you’ll get a 30-day period to try them out. During these 30 days, if you decide the pods aren’t for you, then you’ll have the option to stop the subscription and also get a refund of the one-time activation fee (€30).