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  • Add Smart Wi-Fi Pods to your GO internet service for complete Wi-Fi coverage.
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The Wi-Fi every home deserves

Let’s face it: Malta is not a friendly place for Wi-Fi. Whether it’s the thick walls, all the neighbours with their own routers or just the fact that the kitchen feels like it’s 2 miles away from the bedroom,getting proper Wi-Fi coverage will be an issue, even at the highest internet speeds.

This is where GO Smart Wi-Fi comes in, with Smart Pods that give you a strong Wi-Fi signal across your entire home:

Better coverage

Get the same strong signal across your home.

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Fully app-controlled

Take complete control of your Wi-Fi network.

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Complete support

Have an issue? No problem, we’re here to help!

Smart Wi-Fi Starter Kit

Our starter kit comes with two GO Smart Wi-Fi Pods included, perfect for a one-floor apartment or a small house. If you need a wider network for a bigger home, you can just add extra GO Smart Wi-Fi Pods at €2.99 each.

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All the benefits

GO Smart Wi-Fi
Traditional Wi-Fi extender solutions
Consistent signal all over your house. X
Automatically switches to the GO Smart Wi-Fi Pod with the strongest signal. X
Manage your network through a dedicated mobile app
No need to replace whole system if parts are faulty.

Become the master of your own Wi-Fi

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Guest and parental controls

Control exactly who can access the internet with a separate guest network and access schedules.

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Monitor and manage

Control and monitor your network health of your GO Smart Wi-Fi directly from the app in a simple view.

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Energy saving mode

Helps you to stay green and protect the environment with a scheduled energy saving mode.

More info

Can I use GO Smart Wi-Fi Pods with any modem?
Yes, GO Smart Wi-Fi works with any GO modem.
Can I purchase a GO Smart Wi-Fi system if my service is provided by another network provider?
GO Smart Wi-Fi is designed to work seamlessly with GO’s internet service. To this end, you will need to subscribe to a GO internet service to be able to enjoy the full benefits of GO Smart Wi-Fi.
How do I set up the GO Smart Wi-Fi Starter Kit?
Simply plug the first GO Smart Wi-Fi pod into an electrical outlet, connect it to your modem via the supplied ethernet cable, switch off the Wi-Fi on your modem, connect the second pod in another area, and you're good to go!
Can I keep using the same network name on GO Smart Wi-Fi as on my original Wi-Fi network?
Yes, since the Wi-Fi mesh network works seamlessly in conjunction with your existing connection, you will still be able to use your current network name
Will my Wi-Fi stay connected if I move to another room on Smart Wi-Fi?
Since the GO Smart Wi-Fi Pods are designed to communicate seamlessly with each other, you will stay connected to the network without having to reconnect to a different Wi-Fi hot-spot within the home.
How does Try & Buy work for Smart Wi-Fi pods?
When you buy our Smart Wi-Fi pods with Try & Buy, you'll get a 30-day period to try them out. During these 30 days, if you decide the pods aren't for you, then you'll have the option to stop the subscription and also get a refund of the one-time activation fee (€30).

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