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Over 70 TV channels with TV shows for all your family

Here’s your ticket to watch the best TV entertainment channels which include Food Network, BBC Entertainment, Disney Junior, Sky News and much more exclusively on our GO TV app.

Here's a few of our favourite TV shows

What do I get with the Entertainment TV Pass?

Live TV

Follow your preferred Live TV programme which is being aired at the time

On demand

Certain TV shows are also available on-demand so you can watch them anytime you wish!


Record your favourite programmes and watch them later from home or on the GO TV app


Forgot your popcorn? Pause Live TV and resume watching at the press on a button


Want to re-watch that funny moment by your favourite TV showman? With the rewind feature you can!

catch up
Catch up / Restart

Watch TV programmes you have missed or which are already in progress

How do I set up GO TV?

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