GO TV app

  • Watch your favourite channels on your TV, mobile, tablet or web browser (Chrome)
  • Available with both GO TV or TV with Home Pack
  • Discover different ways of setting up GO TV; with Chromecast or TV Box

Want to enjoy a Wi-Fi TV set-up?

You can enjoy a Wi-Fi TV set-up anywhere you go by downloading and logging into the GO TV app on unlimited devices including your mobile*, tablet, laptop on your Chrome browser and now also on your Android smart TV!

*No data burn/extra charges on our mobile Freedom plans, Smart plans, Smart Plus plans or Youth plans.

Setting up the GO TV app on an Android Smart TV

An icon of a power plug
Step 1

Download the GO TV app on your Android Smart TV

Tv Addons icon orange
Step 2

Enter the credentials provided to you by GO over email/SMS

A pencil to fill out a form
Step 3

Start watching your favourite content!

How To Use The GO TV App On Your Android TV