• Watch GO TV over Wi-Fi on as many devices as you wantWatch GO TV over Wi-Fi on as many devices as you want
  • Get same day Movies & Series and Sports with the GO TV AppGet same day Movies & Series and Sports with the GO TV App
  • Available to everyone & works on any internet connectionAvailable to everyone & works on any internet connection
  • No commitment, cancel anytime No commitment, cancel anytime

Watch TV over Wi-Fi in 3 easy steps

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Choose TV plan

Choose what movies and series, sports or entertainment you want to watch online.

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Get the TV app

Download the GO TV app on mobile, tablet, PC and Android Smart TV, or on TV with a Chromecast.

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Start streaming

Stream live TV over any internet service on any number of devices with no TV box required.

Get started by choosing one of our GO TV plans

Click on your preferred GO TV plan below, fill in the form & enjoy GO TV!

Start Plan for just €5/month

20 channels
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Start Plan + TV Pass

20 channels
+ Choose 1 TV passMovies and Series Pass, Sports Pass or Entertainment Pass.
3 month €9.99 offerPay €9.99 total for 3 months! After 3 months, it's €9.99/month.
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6 months Start Plan + TV Pass + Free TV Box

20 channels
+ Choose 1 TV passMovies and Series Pass, Sports Pass or Entertainment Pass.
+ FREE TV BoxPay 6 months in advance of any TV Pass to get a free TV Box. The regular price of a TV box is €70 without this 6 month offer.
6 month €59.99 offerPay €59.99 total for 6 months. After 6 months, it's €9.99/month.
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Fejn nista' nara l-GO TV?

Tista’ tara l-GO TV fuq l-Android TV, mobile, tablet, laptop u kompjuter, meta trid u fejn trid!

L-abbonament jibda minn €5 biss fix-xahar u tista twaqqfu meta trid!

How can I connect to GO TV?

Check out how you can connect to our GO TV app on multiple devices here

See our device options

Check out our video guides

Get a FREE TV box with 6 months Sports Pass

Get a TV box for FREE when paying 6 months in advance for a Sports TV pass.

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Setting up GO TV

What do I need to set up GO TV?

If you are making use of an Android Smart TV, all you need to do is to subscribe to the TV plan, download the GO TV app on your Android smart TV, enter the username and password supplied by us and start watching your favourite content immediately. On the other hand, if you do not own an Android Smart TV you can either get our set-top box or make use of a Chromecast device.

What is a TV pass?

With GO TV you can subscribe to 3 different passes; Entertainment Pass, Sports Pass and Movies & Series Pass. These TV passes give you access to the content that you truly love.

The Entertainment TV Pass is your ticket to watch the best TV entertainment channels including Food Network, Disney Junior, HGTV, SKY News and more.

With our Sports TV Pass you get unlimited access to all 8 HD TSN channels which provides you with live coverage of the biggest sports events, including Football, Motorsports, Rugby, UFC and more.

If you are a movie/series lover than the Movies & Series TV Pass is for you. This pass gives you access to GO Stars, Fox and Fox Life channels plus hundreds of hours of on-demand movies and series!

Can the GO TV app be downloaded on any Smart TV?

The GO TV app can only be downloaded on Android smart TVs.

From where can I change the password of the GO TV app?

The password can be changed from your My GO account.

Does this TV package work on any broadband connection?

Yes, anyone can benefit from this TV service.

Do I need a Android Smart TV for GO TV?

You can use GO TV on any device and if you do not own an Android Smart TV, you can either get our GO set-top box or else if you want to have a Wi-Fi TV set-up you can make use of a Chromecast device.

How do I get a Chromecast device?

You can get your own Chromecast device from any shop, or else you can get a Chromecast v3 from one of our retail shops at a price of €42. In the case that you subscribed to Mix & Match with TV on a 24 month agreement you have the option of choosing Chromecast as a free device.

Can I stop the subscription at any time?

Yes, subscription can be stopped at any time since this is a monthly subscription plan.

Can I get a set-top box with this TV package?

Should you wish a set-top box to access the service, you can lease this at an additional cost of €70/box. If you require an installation service a further €60 applies.

Already have a Home Pack?

With a Home Pack, you can add TV passes for just €5.99/month to watch TV online and stream online movies & series, sports or entertainment.

For existing GO customers

Can I use my existing TV Anywhere username and password to watch GO TV on Android Smart TVs?

The TV Anywhere credentials can be used on tablets & smartphones. If you want to start watching your TV over Wi-Fi on your Android Smart TV, please fill in this form and we’ll get in touch.

How can I upgrade my TV package to GO’s new Wi-Fi TV set-up?

If you would like to have a GO TV over Wi-Fi set-up in your home, just let us know what you currently have in our online form. We’ll look into the best option for you based on your current package.

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