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Protect yourself and the people you love from all the malware, phishing attempts,
viruses, inappropriate content and other security threats that can infect
your home internet and devices with the right solution.

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Our fight against cybercrime

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How we create a safer world

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Parental controls at your fingertips

Block access to any adult, inappropriate, unsuitable or potentially harmful content when your kids are online.

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Cybersecurity protection

Malware, spyware, phishing attacks, viruses and other malicious software are a thing of the past.

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All your apps foolproofed

We’ve taken your security a step further & made sure that GO Secure Net also checks the safety of apps you download.

Your internet & mobile covered

Whether it’s your internet connection or your device, with GO Secure Net in place, you won’t have to face malicious surprises.

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Can I switch Parental Controls on and off from Secure Net?

Yes, you will be able to change the Parental Control settings of your GO Secure Net service through the GO app.

How can I apply for the GO Secure Net?

You can apply for GO Secure Net directly from the GO app, by visiting any retail outlet or by filling out the form on our website.

Will my devices be protected when using GO Smart Hub with Secure Net?

Yes, your devices will be protected as long as they are connected to the modem on which GO Secure Net was purchased. However, should your GO Smart Hub go into backup mode in the unlikely event of a fault or fixed service interruption, your devices will not be protected. Protection will resume once the fault is resolved or the fixed service is back online.

If I purchase GO Secure Net on my Home Internet, will all my devices be protected?

Any device will be protected as long as it is connected to the Home Internet service on which GO Secure Net was purchased. Should you connect to any other network (such as public Wi-Fi, other hotspots or home networks without GO Secure Net enabled), your device will not be protected.

Will my devices be protected when connected to the GO Smart Wi-Fi pods on Secure Net?

Yes, GO Smart Wi-Fi pods are directly connected to your Home Internet service, and your devices will be protected on GO Secure Net.

How can I bypass the blocking messages on Secure Net?

GO Secure Net is there to help keep your network secure, and blocking pages are there to inform you of any security threats. However, should you wish to temporarily pause your service, you can do so through the GO App.

How will I know if a website is being blocked by Secure Net?

When trying to visit a potentially harmful webpage, you will be shown a screen which informs you why the website is being blocked by Secure Net.

What if I cannot see the Secure Net on my GO app?

You either haven’t updated the app or you are not eligible for this add-on.