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Manage your mobile services easily with the GO app

Complete mobile control

Keep all your GO mobile services accessible, wherever you are and whenever you need it. Manage your mobile numbers, bills, top-ups and bundles through an intuitive and secure service for your smartphone that won’t use up your data while you’re on the GO network.


Change your plan
Our prepaid customers who are 27 years old or younger can switch to the Play plan directly from the app, with a click of a button

Quick top-ups
Top up with ease, save regular payments to top up with one touch, or view your top-up balance, receipts or history.

In control of your bundles
Keep track of your data, voice & SMS bundles. View remaining balances, activate more or stop recurring ones.

Exclusive offers
Download the GO app and benefit from a free 10GB data bundle.You can also get 10GB for only €1 on Pay As You GO plans through the app!

Our new app features

Auto Top-up

With Auto Top-Up you can set your top-up preferences once and the top-up will recur automatically according to your selected criteria. You can either set the rule for whenever your balances reaches a certain number or on a certain day of the month.

You’ll also benefit from extra data on your Smart, Dis or Double Dat plan when activating Auto Top-Up from the GO app.

Manage GO Secure Net

With GO Secure Net, you can put your mind at rest that your family will be safe online. You can switch between our parental controls and basic security controls once your kids are fast asleep, from the GO app.

Register your mobile service

Register your unregistered mobile service with a few easy steps, so that you could have more control over your service. Make sure the service is linked to the GO app via SMS verification. For assistance, follow these easy steps.

27 years old or younger? You can also switch to the Play plan via the GO app once your mobile service is registered.

Switch to Play plan

Now you can switch to our awesome GO Play Plan for youth via our app and benefit from up to 40GB. Make sure that your mobile is linked to the GO app and registered, and then follow these steps.

If you cannot see this option, you can register your unregistered mobile service via the GO app.

Video Tutorial

Paying your pending bills

Viewing top up history & receipts

Topping up via Dashboard

Why it's great

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Complete control

Manage all your top-ups, bundles and bills directly from your phone.

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Linked to MyGO

Log in to the app the same way as MyGO. Add your email for easy app login and password retrieval.

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Streamlined payments

Save your card details to settle your bills or top up with just a few buttons.

Features and benefits

Pay Monthly customers
Top-up customers
Pay Monthly customers
Top-up customers

Link and view your bills online
Find out how

Settle bills directly through the app
Find out how

View your payment history details

Add mobile bundles to your monthly bill*
Find out how

View your services and easily switch between them

View remaining data, calls and SMS on your service
Find out how

Add cards to the app for instant payments
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Top up friends or family with GO numbers
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Set up and manage Auto Top-Up rules for top-up customers
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*only for mobile customers with a linked account


How do I register for MyGO and the GO app?

MyGO and the GO app share the same logins. You can choose to register for MyGO online or through the app.


  1. Enter https://mygo.go.com.mt/sign-up in your preferred browser
  2. If you are an e-billing user, please follow this YouTube video
  3. If you receive paper bills, please follow this YouTube video

Mobile App

  1. Download the app from the Play Store or the App Store
  2. Click on ‘Create account’ at the bottom of the screen
  3. Enter your email address, your chosen username and first name. The first name you chose here is only used to let us know what to call you on your home page and if we have any messages for you.
  4. You will then receive an email with a verification link and a code, which is needed to verify that the email address you entered is correct.
  5. Go back to the app and enter the verification code you received in the email.
  6. Enter your mobile number. If you are using a GO mobile number, this will be automatically linked as a service, where you will be able to view your service’s balance.
  7. You will be then asked to link your billing account details. Please follow the instructions on the screens.

You also have the option to skip the linking of your mobile service and your billing account/s.

How do I get the free 10GB bundle through the app?

The 10GB data bundle will appear in the ‘boost bundles’ section of the app after you have linked your Top Up mobile number or your billing account of your Pay Monthly plan. It will not appear if you linked your Pay Monthly mobile number only. You will find it listed as an App Exclusive offer – just click and activate the bundle, and it will be added to your balance.

How can I pay through MyGO/the GO app?

You can easily manage all your accounts and bills either through our MyGO platform or the GO app. If you don’t have these set up, here is how you can set them up in no time!

Once you are all set up, you can manage your bills as follows:

GO app

  1. Log into the GO app
  2. Tap on the ‘Payments’ tab and click on the account number for which you wish to make a payment
  3. Click on ‘Pay now’


  1. Log into your MyGO account
  2. Click on ‘Bills and Payments’ from the top menu
  3. Click on the account number for which you wish to settle a bill
  4. Click on ‘Make a payment’
  5. Click on ‘Pay now’
How can I set up Auto Top-up?

Setting Auto Top-up is easy!

  1. Start by logging into the GO app
  2. Go to the More tab, tap on “Auto top-up”, and tap on the “Set up auto top-up” button
  3. Input the GO top-up mobile number you wish to create a rule for (even mobile numbers which are not linked to your GO app account), and tap on the “Next” button
  4. Select the rule you wish to set; either “When balance falls below” or “Monthly on” and then select one of the items in the drop-down menu
  5. Select the amount you would like to get topped up by once the rule takes place (between €5, €10, €15, €20, and €50) and then tap on the “Continue” button
  6. Choose or add your card from where the payment will be collected, and then tap on the “Continue” button
  7. Select your preferred method of auto top-up notification between mobile number or email, amend the details if necessary, and then tap on the “Finish” button
I am not able to view all available app features. What can I do?

If you cannot view all features in the GO app, make sure you have the latest app version. To do so, visit the App Store or Play Store and check if you have any updates on the GO app. If not, try to delete the GO app and re-install it. If the problem persists, please make sure you reach out to us on WhatsApp (+35679707970).

Where do I find my top-up history and receipts?

You can find your top-up history and receipts on both MyGO and the GO app.

For MyGO:

  • Click on the ‘Bills & Payments’ button in the Menu bar
  • Click on ‘Top-up history’
  • Select your preferred mobile number and your top up history will appear
  • Scroll down and press on ‘See all receipts’

For the GO app:

  • Click on ‘Payments’ from the bottom menu
  • Click on Top-up history’
  • Select your preferred mobile number and your top up history will appear
  • Scroll down and press on ‘See all receipts’
How do I check my bundle balance online?

You can check your bundle balance by logging into MyGO or the GO app. Once you log in, and your mobile service is linked, the first thing you will see on the home page is the bundle balance. Here you will also be notified on the expiry date for each bundle. If you click on the three dots next to each bundle, you will see what the bundle refers to (example local/EU data).

If you have more than one mobile service linked to your MyGO or GO app account, you would need to select the mobile number you wish to check from the drop-down menu if viewing on MyGO, or by selecting ‘All services’ on the GO app.


You can also see this if your mobile account number is linked to your MyGO or GO app account.

If you do not have any bundles subscribed for that particular mobile number, that area will be empty.