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Smart Hub - Internet that never fails

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The 4.5G network will kick in if there’s a fault on your home line.

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How do I set up my internet connection?
It’s just a simple matter of connecting your modem to the telephone socket using the cable provided! If you do not yet have a landline telephone service with GO, the technician should connect the modem after installing the telephone line. 
How can I improve my Wi-Fi signal?
There are a number of things you can do, including: - Placing your modem in a central position in your house. This way, its coverage is as even and wide-ranging as possible. Don’t place your modem next to a thick wall, close to other electronics, or blocked from a line of coverage, if at all possible. - Place your modem somewhere higher up, as Wi-Fi signal travels more easily downwards rather than up or sideways. - Check that your modem is working on a different frequency channel from your neighbours'. If you need to change the modem channel you can do so by following the steps in the following entry. For more information, check out our Wi-Fi Tips
What are home plugs boosters?
GO provides customers with a range of Wi-Fi boosters and home plugs to help improve the Wireless coverage around your home. Generally, these extend the range of your Wi-Fi signal so that you get the best signal for your entire house.
What are the steps to order online?
When you've picked the product you want, click on the 'Order' button and you'll be taken to an form where you can fill out all the information we need to process your order. After we receive your form, one of our representatives will call to confirm your details and finalise your order.

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