Home is where the Wi-Fi is

When you are loving your Wi-Fi connection but it is not loving you back, there are some simple steps you should follow to get your relationship back on track.

Here are five simple steps to help you get the most out of your Wi-Fi connection


Keep your modem central

Wi-Fi signal strength decreases the further you are from your modem. Place your modem in a central spot and away from the wall. Also, keep your modem higher up to help your Wi-Fi signal spread out in every direction.

Avoid Wi-Fi interference

Devices like microwaves, radios, cordless phones all interfere with your Wi-Fi signal. Keep your modem away from these devices to avoid interference.

Don't obstruct your modem

Many make the mistake of placing their modem in a cupboard or drawer. This weakens your Wi-Fi signal strength, so keep your modem unobstructed for best performance.

Change your Wi-Fi channel

Last but surely not least, you may improve your Wi-Fi performance by changing your modem's Wi-Fi channel. Visit our FAQs for step-by-step instructions on doing this.

Buy a Wi-Fi extender

A Wi-Fi extender is a quick and easy way to increase the strength and range of your Wi-Fi. They are so simple to install, you can set up one yourself and radically extend your Wi-Fi range.







Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't my speed test showing me the correct speed of my internet package?
We use the term ‘up to' when advertising our download speeds because this variable can be considerably influenced by factors beyond our control. These include: the internet browser being used, the number of people online at that time, your computer specifications, whether you are browsing a local or an international website, and the technical capabilities of such websites. Wi-Fi modems and routers and personal firewalls can also significantly affect your broadband speed. In addition, Wi-Fi modems use radio waves which can interfere with other electronic components, such as microwaves and cordless phones, and as a result reduce your speed considerably. We advise that you keep your router as close as possible to your computer and at a high level (example, on a shelf). However, for the best experience, we advise you to connect directly to the cable modem via an Ethernet cable.
How can I check my internet speed?
You can check your speed by running a test from the link provided below. It is important that test is done by connecting your computer/laptop directly with our modem and for the best result, assure yourself that no other devices are using the internet.


You can also check the speed you are receiving till your internet modem by following the below steps:
• Open an internet browser
• In the address bar type
• Click on broadband connection (top left)
• Choose DSL connection
• Check the bandwidth upload and download speed – that is the speed you are receiving till your modem
Why do I get different results when I test internet speed with a cable connection instead of a Wi-Fi connection?
Testing your connection whilst connected with an Ethernet cable will give you a more accurate result. This is because the internet signal is being guided directly to your laptop/PC. When you connect via wireless the signal is directed through radio waves which can interfere with other electronic components and as a result reduce your speed considerably.

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